What To Buy For The Capricorn GUY

It's Capricorn season, and if there's a Capricorn man in your life, shopping for them can seem like an impossible feat. Fear not, although these men are particular, GUYTrendz has you covered with ten gifts to wow any Capricorn man in your life.

Capricorns are known as one of the most ambitious, dedicated, goal-driven, and successful zodiac signs. They take their work seriously, and their futures are vital to them. Sometimes, Capricorns get a bad rap for being too concerned with work or how much money they make. Still, financial security is fundamentally important to them, along with achieving their goals. Understanding these traits makes it easier to shop for and find the perfect gift.

RFID Blocking Wallet

Keep your card info and ID confidential with a RFID blocking wallet. Protect your data from thieves.

What we love:

  1. Stylish and durable
  2. Low profile yet roomy
  3. Theft protection RFID included

Capricorns care immensely about their financial well-being, so the RFID Blocking Wallet is perfect.

The RFID Blocking Wallet keeps your card info and ID confidential and protects data from thrives while still looking sleek and stylish.

Money Clip

This metal money clip is perfect for minimalist money and card carry!

3 Things We Love:

  1. Held up to water and other elements
  2. Gripped money and cards tightly
  3. Fit nicely in swimming suit concealed pockets

It's true, Capricorns care about financial security. To ensure that their hard-earned finances are well taken care of during adventure-activities, this minimalist money clip is perfect.

It's way more durable than a wallet and lightweight. It holds just the right amount of money for a day excursion as well as an ID and credit card.

Precision Screwdriver Set

This precision tool set can help you repair just about any small device or gadget. They come in so handy when you're in a pinch.

What we love:

  1. Multiple sizes
  2. All sorts of precision formats and shapes
  3. Sturdy

Capricorn men love to work with their hands, which includes fixing up things around the house. They adore the feeling of being needed.

This precision toolset can assist the Capricorn man with just about any repair for a small device or gadget.

Beats Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

We have tested the Beats brand wireless head phones against a number of other audio head gear. While you are paying for some hype and brand, the audio quality is fantastic. 

What We Love:

  1. Noise cancellation is a must
  2. Great battery life
  3. Wireless usage
  4. Stylish design

Because these Capricorn men are incredibly goal-focused, they need quiet to focus on on their ambitions.

These Noise Canceling Headphones are the perfect accessory to tune out background noise when doing remote work, working in a crowded coffee shop or noisy office.

Robot Vacuum

We love our robot vacuum. It wanders around the house with one purpose: clean the house so we don't have to. Watching it do it's thing is fascinating, as long as you don't watch too long. :)

What We Love:

  1. Hands-off productivity
  2. Quiet
  3. Keeps the dog on its toes :)

The Capricorn men are incredibly hard-working, that's a fact. Sometimes they can over-work a bit and neglect house duties - which doesn't bode well for their neat and tidy preferences.

This Robot vacuum cleans the house, so the hard-working Capricorn doesn't have to.

Air Fryer

If you've never cooked with an air fryer, you're missing out. Gear up for your next great meal.

What We Love:

  1. The accessories with this fryer are awesome. Rotisserie, skewer and fry.
  2. The large size means you can cook turkeys and roast
  3. Fry your food with minimal oil and grease

As stated above, creating less housework for Capricorns is a great gift due to their hardworking professional natures and dedication to their professions.

Air Fryers cook meals in a shorter amount of time and allow the Capricorn man to try new and exciting recipes with minimal prep and effort. It makes cooking new recipes easy and cuts the time in half. A perfect gift for a busy guy!

Drone with Camera

We bought a drone a few years ago. This thing is amazing in comparison! While it's geared for beginners, it has some awesome features. The price is amazing as well. There are thousands of 4+ star reviews. Great trendy product!

Things We Love:

  1. Compact design let's it go anywhere
  2. Built in camera
  3. Beginner mode 

Capricorns are focused on growth and learning. They relish when learning new skills and working with their hands. This drone is the perfect gift to satisfy both those qualities.

This user-friendly drone features a one-button setup and voice activation, 720p video, real-time transmission, and smartphone controls. This gift is suitable for varying ages and skill levels - the perfect gift to combine the love of a challenge along with fun.

Device USB Charging Station and Organizer

Our family must have a dozen devices floating around. We require the kids to put them in the kitchen at night. It's so handy to have a multi-device charging station. The devices and phones are all organized and the short cords minimize the clutter and tangle.

What we love:

  1. Compact design
  2. Anti-clutter cords
  3. Auto detects current

Because we live in a digital world, we have tons of tech items with accommodating cords and gadgets cluttering our workspaces. A messy workspace can make for a frustrated Capricorn and take away from their hardworking sanctuary.

This handy multi-device charging station ensures that devices and phones are all organized, and the short cords minimize the clutter and tangle-optimizing the office productivity.

Desktop Water Fountain

Add this small water feature to any table top or counter and have an instant attention getter. It's the perfect conversation starter with a great environmental aspect.

What we love:

  1. Compact for any desk
  2. Refreshing water sounds
  3. Artistically pleasing

For the Capricorn, their workspace is their sanctuary. Along with it being practical for them to work on their ambitious goals, it should also be a safe space for them to connect to their work and creative energy.

Because they spend so much time in their office, gift this illuminated, relaxation waterfall. It's the perfect desktop fountain that provides a gentle sound of water and a serene portrait to calm the most chaotic offices instantly.

Portable Gym

Looking for gifts for men who workout? A highly-rated, affordable portable gym is the answer. Any GUY would love this, whether he’s a committed gym rat or just beginning some fitness goals.

As you've learned, personal development is critical to Capricorns. Meaning, along with hard work, physical well-being is essential to the Capricorn.

This portable gym is a perfect gift for the busy Capricorn on the go or the one that focuses on maintaining his physical health. It's practical, they can use it anywhere, from their living room to an apartment patio, plus it's perfect for traveling.

We know these gifts will wow the Capricorn guy in your life. Happy shopping!

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