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Personalized Wood Settler Game Board - 2-4 or 2-6 Player


This beautiful personalized settler's (i.e. Catan) board is the perfect board-game gift for settler game fans! 

What We Love

  1. Rustic design fits the game perfectly
  2. It's personalized! Makes for the most meaningful gift
  3. The handmade, artisanal artistry is beautiful!

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Personalized settler's (i.e. Catan) board is an Etsy Best Seller. It's the perfect board-game gift for settler game fans!

The artistic, personalized board is laser engraved wood with genre-matching stains. The basic game board set can accommodate 2-4 players while the expansion set accommodates 2-6 players. Compatible with Catan rules and player pieces.

STAIN COLOR - outer sea frame
1. Choose from 4 colors

SET (Included game board pieces)
1. Board - includes the main game board set (2-4 players)
2. Board+Expansion - includes the main game board set and expansion set (2-6 players)
3. Board+Rack - includes the main game board set and display shelf rack (rack accommodates pieces from the main board only)
4. Board+Expansion+Rack - includes the main game board set, expansion set (2-6 players), and display shelf rack (rack accommodates pieces from both main and expansion sets)
5. Expansion Only - includes only the expansion set pieces
6. Rack Only (Main)** - includes only the display shelf rack which only accommodates the main board pieces
7. Rack Only (Main+Exp)** - includes only the display shelf rack which accommodates both the main board and expansion pieces

** The shelf rack color will match your chosen frame color unless you specify otherwise. No personalization available on the shelf rack.

Your personalized board features the following:

+ 19 Hand-Stained Terrain Hex Tiles* (plus one extra)
+ 6 Sea Frame Pieces. Personalize up to 2 with a name, date, or short phrase (see personalization settings)
+ 9 Harbor Tokens
+ 18 Number Tokens (plus one extra blank token) - tokens include alphabetic marks for piece placement
+ Laser engraved and cut on 1/4" Furniture Grade Birch Plywood
+ Sanded and hand stained
+ Compatible with Catan player pieces and game play

+ 12 additional Terrain Hex Tiles
+ 4 additional Sea Frame Border pieces
+ 28 different number Tokens (the alphabetic and numeric combination are different than the main board)
+ 2 additional Harbor Tokens

Every piece is laser cut, engraved, and hand stained and finished in our shop. If you love board games as much as we do, you'll understand our passion for detail and design.

Note: Wood and stain colors may vary due to the wood grain, color, and features

Rapid shipping
+ Fast fulfillment time from order to ship date.
+ Free Shipping

Because this product is personalized, we can not accept returns. Please double check your personalized options. Of course, if we make a mistake, we'll do our best to accommodate.

DISCLAIMER: This personalized, custom settlers game board is an accessory for settler games like Catan®. It is a supplement. It is NOT an official product of Catan®, which is the registered trademark of Catan GmbH. Our designers crafted this version from scratch and created or licensed all elements used. Each board is engraved, cut and hand-stained and finished by our shop. This product includes only the board, board extension, and/or storage accessories. You'll need to purchase the official Catan® game or analogous settlers game for game pieces, cards, rules, etc.

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