April Birthday Gifts for Men - 2023

Shopping for a birthday gift for a April birthday? We've tracked down some great gifts for men born in April. We considered the following to build this list:

  • average Spring weather conditions in the US
  • typical activities for April
  • recent products we've found for Spring


20 04 15 15 17 34 original 600x600 golf ball marker

Golf Ball Marker Divot Tool - Personalized

The best gifts have a personal touch. Give a personalized divot tool to your golfing GUY. Add his name and a message and make a sincere statement.

What we love:

  1. Personalized touch
  2. Classy looking
  3. Practical
21 02 16 17 05 06 original 600x600 honey

Flavored Honey Sampler Box

Give a creative culinary gift that's sweet and surprising. Flavored honey samplers are tasty and tempting.

What We Love:

  1. Gift that keeps on giving
  2. Variety pack
  3. So simple, any GUY can figure it out
21 02 23 12 58 18 original 600x600 cereal dispenser

Cereal Dispenser

Make serving up breakfast easy and mess free with this dual dry food/cereal dispenser. You get 1 ounce of food per twist. The plastic containers keep out moisture and keep the food fresh for a month at a time. The containers are scratch-resistent and shatterproof.

What we love:

  1. Easy for kids
  2. Keeps food fresh
  3. Holds many types of dry 
20 03 25 20 41 36 original 600x600 wilson football

Best Official Football

Our kids love playing football in the backyard. Whether it's playing catch with dad or flag football with the buddies they'll spend hours at it. Wilson is our go-to football.

What we love:

  1. Wilson has mastered the right texture and feel
  2. Official size
  3. Long-lasting and durable
19 11 09 12 45 16 original 600x600 fishing rod collapsable

Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

This telescoping pole goes on nearly every outing. It is so compact and light you don't notice it. I'll even take it in my backpack when I go flyfishing because some holes are better for spinner fishing. 

The reel is reliable and the pole has held up really well. I've had it on dozens of outings without incident.

What We Love:

  1. Compact design when compressed
  2. Reliable reel
  3. Affordable price
20 03 27 13 47 22 original 600x600 fishing pole jordan lee

Fishing Rod - Abu Garcia

Baitcasting is awesome! We fish for pike and other awesome sport fish. This Abu Garcia bait casting rod/reel combo is a great package to get started.

What we love:

  1. The length and stiffness are perfect for larger fish
  2. The reel has a great ratio and drag system
21 06 17 12 41 05 original il 794xn.3198810375 kx5a

Golfer's Hat

Enjoy your next golfing outing with this stylish golfer's hat. Golf hat with silhouette of a golfer after a swing. This is the perfect cap for people who love to golf.

21 06 18 15 08 53 original il 794xn.3152659574 jrwk

Mountain Biking Hat

My addrenaline is pumping just thinking of my next trail ride!

If you love mountain biking or know someone who does, this is the cap for you! This mountain biking cap is embroidered and durable. It features a silhouette of a downhill mountain biker in action.

20 01 15 17 08 26 original 600x600 portable speaker

JBL Bluetooth Speaker

We take our devices everywhere. Taking a quality portable speaker along is such a bonus when just hanging out. The JBL portable speaker is waterproof and holds up to the elements. Amazon has sold a TON of these with great reviews. Hard to pass up a great deal.

What we love:

  1. Great sound in a compact form factor
  2. Connects to nearly anything
  3. Waterproof - beach, here we come
20 04 01 14 03 02 original 600x600 grill accessories

BBQ Grill Accessories

Whether your at the smoker, grill or dutch oven, this set of grilling accessories has all the right gear. It's a great value for the price and very highly rated.

What we love:

  1. This grill kit has EVERYTHING
  2. The utinsels and accessories are stainless steel
  3. The balance and heft is just right
20 04 09 13 18 58 original 600x600 external drive

Portable External Hard Drive - Seagate

Seagate makes a great external hard drive. We use ours for media storage, family photo/video backup, school project backup, and much more. 

In such a digital age, it's almost required to have extra storage devices.

What we love:

  1. Plug and play
  2. It's NOT a CD/DVD
  3. Portable
  4. Works with Mac or PC
  5. Stores a huge amount of data or assets
  6. USB is compatible with most machines
20 03 12 16 56 40 original 600x600 rain jacket 32 degrees

Weatherproof Rain Jacket

This lightweight, durable rain jacket works great! It's perfect for staying dry while being active. It is not insulated but keeps the wind and rain out. 

What We Love:

  1. Very waterproof
  2. Light weight and stowable - in the summer I carry one in my day pack
  3. Black goes with anything
20 04 03 12 39 40 original 600x600 hammock

Wise Owl Hammock

Since the first time my daughter used the Wise Owl Hammock she hasn't let it go. We can't get her to sleep in the tent now. We've had to order multiples so the rest of us can enjoy the comfort of a hammock.

What we love:

  1. Quick setup
  2. Self containing stow-away bag
  3. Straps come included
  4. Light weight
20 03 24 16 32 40 original 600x600 dutch oven

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Dutch oven food is the best! We've tried cobbler (cherry, mixed berry, peach), chicken pot pie (YUMMM!), pizza, mountain man breakfast, chicken alfredo, chocolate chip cookie, and more. It's perfect for social outings and camping.

What we love:

  1. The food is delicious! - especially when camping
  2. You can cook anywhere
  3. Great for teaching the kids how to cook without modern conveniences
21 01 25 16 34 47 original 600x600 2 way radio durable

2-Way Radio - Durable

Communication is so important. BaoFeng radios are highly rated and super reliable. This radio comes with multiple batteries, a long antenna, multiple mic options, a keypad, and an LCD screen. It's form factor is more durable than the budget options.

The VHF and UHF dual-band radio has a great range. In our product tests we have been able to reach other radios from considerable distances - further than competitors.

What we love:

  • Specs - The channel access, range, multiple bands, etc give a TON of options
  • Rechargeable - The battery is long lasting and quick charging
  • Compact - The form factor is compact and the device can fit in most bags or pockets
  • Programmable - An ex-fireman, communications pro has programmed all of our radios with preset channels and settings for ease of use
21 01 25 16 35 10 original 600x600 arc plasma waterproof lighter

Arc Plasma Waterproof Lighter

An arc plasma lighter is the high-end option for fire starting. Having an instant flame to start a fire is so convenient. The sooner you can get warm or cook food the better. An electric arc plasma lighter also has a flashlight and emergency whistle. The waterproof lighter is rechargeable for extended use in an emergency.

What we love:

  • Reliable - Amazing ratings and review indicate great function
  • Instant - One click and you're in business with a sustainable flame
  • Quality Tested - Each lighter is rigorouslly tested in factory

April Birthday Gifts for Him

Find a gift for a man with a April birthday. It's Spring and the weather is getting better as the days get longer. Shop gifts for the guy who is starting to get antsy to get out.

Find products that cater to a GUY's hobbies or comforts.

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