20 02 26 19 52 22 original 600x600 fuel tank
20 02 26 19 52 22 original 600x600 fuel tank

Fuel Jug - 5 Gallon

Most portable fuel containers are horrible! They leak, you can't pour with them, they're awkward. 

The VP 5 Gallon Square White Racing Utility Jug with Deluxe Filler Hose is perfect for most uses. 

We now use our old ones to refill this jug so we can fill our vehicles. A must buy!

What We Love:

  1. No government required safety pour features to complicate pouring gas
  2. Fast pouring, flexible hose
  3. Upright form

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We own 5 fuel jugs with 5 different government safety nozzles. They are all HORRIBLE. The VP 5-gallon jug has saved the day!

A friend of ours owns a boat and recommended we get one. First time I used it I was hooked. Now we use the previous jugs for storage and use the VP container. When it's empty we refill it by removing the nozzle of the older jugs and we quickly refill the VP jug so we can pour the fuel into the vehicle or lawn tool.

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