Top Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

Looking for great Valentine's Day gifts for men? These products are great options for almost any man. Create a romantic setting with gifts tailored for him.

From sharing a hot bath to cuddling up on a bean bag or getting comfortable in bed, men want to get close and comfortable. Listen to music, watching a couple's movie, or laughing with a significant other can create sparks for a romantic evening. Get him gifts to compliment the flowers or chocolates he gets for you.


20 01 15 17 36 23 original 600x600 bath tray

Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

Listening to music or watching a movie while you relax in the tub has become a common event with many GUYs. Portable devices provide all the media options you could want. 

Honestly, when I set this tub tray up for a long soaker I feel pretty spoiled. Some times I add a candle or some soaps just to complete the spa feel. 

Grab your favorite drink and device and kick back and relax!


  • It doesn't attach to the tub so be careful not to bump it
  • Gals will like it as much as the GUYs do
  • Consider dessert and a bath with your significant other
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19 11 09 11 46 55 original 600x600 cryptex

Da Vinci Code Cryptex

We got a cryptex for a scavenger hunt. What a cool final clue! The Da Vinci Code cryptex was the perfect challenge. We entered in a custom combination with meaning and gave clues to unlock it. 

The piece is a great conversation starter. Any puzzle lover will want to check it out.

The cryptex opens up to reveal a small tube large enough for a message, ring or other personal item. 


  • write down the new combination somewhere!
  • great gift for:
    • anniversary
    • birthday
    • desktop gadget
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20 12 09 14 52 41 original 600x600 champagne flutes

Stemless Shatterproof Champagne Flutes

Whether the GUY you’re shopping for loves to entertain or simply has a penchant for mimosas, this set of 24 stemless champagne flutes is a perfect new year gift idea for him. These BPA-free glasses are reusable and have a great mouthfeel.

  • Set of 24 shatterproof 9oz crystal clear glasses
  • Stemless body maintains stability

Why we recommend it: We love this product for men because they’re shatterproof and look like real glass. We won’t tell if you don’t.

  • Reusable and made of BPA-free, unbreakable, recycled PET plastic
  • Smooth rounded rims
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20 03 27 18 59 59 original 600x600 bean bag

Bean Bag

The Convertible Sleeper is a miraculous patented foam chair that reveals a hidden mattress when its cover is removed. Soft and moldable, it's the perfect furniture piece for sitting or sleeping.

Sitting on one of these chairs can only be compared to sitting on a cloud, since the lack of pressure points means it conforms perfectly to your body shape for the most comfortable recliner in the world - and the only one that converts to a bed. There's no easier or more fun way to turn a movie night into a spontaneous sleepover.

  • Color - Black
  • Materials - Polyester Blend, Faux Cowhide
  • Made in United States
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20 03 12 17 18 14 original 600x600 blanket

Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket

What, you think GUYs don’t like to snuggle with soft blankets? Wrong! In fact, they’re one of the most underrated products for men. On a holiday or weekend, what better way to finish the day than curling up on the couch and sleeping off a food coma while watching football?

We bought a few of these for around the house. We had to buy more because the kids wouldn't relinquish them. :) We choose neutral colors so they go with any room. For the price, you get great value. When the kids finally get to bed, we find the microfiber throw blanket to be a great cuddle cover while watching a movie.

These reversible blankets measure 50 x 60” and feature plush fleece on one side and super-soft sherpa on the other. Multiple colors and prints are available that accent any men home decor.

Why we recommend it: Few things are as comforting and welcoming - literally - as a soft blanket.

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20 03 12 17 19 30 original 600x600 down pillows

Goose Down Pillow

My wife and I can only sleep on down pillows. We love these goose down pillows. The product description says they are: Shell: 100% Cotton. Stuffing: 85% Goose Feather, 15% Goose Down.

I'm a big guy and use 2 of them. 


  • Use a waterproof, fabric (quiet) pillow cover
  • Don't get them wet, including sweat
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19 11 01 17 22 14 original 600x600 calvin hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes Complete Collection

"Calvin and Hobbes is unquestionably one of the most popular comic strips of all time..."

I wonder some times if our kids identify too much with Calvin. :)

A couple of them are on their second round through the famous comic collection. Our guests pick them up. We find them in the bathroom. We find kids curled up in their beds with them.

Calvin and Hobbes and their adventures are staples for our kids.

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20 01 15 17 08 26 original 600x600 portable speaker

JBL Bluetooth Speaker

The problem with my portable speaker is that I never get to use it. My kids steal it at every chance. 

Everything is mobile now. The kids even play their tunes when we head to the hills on the ATVs. The portable speaker is their device of choice for sharing tunes away from home. The other night I walked out to the firepit and there they were goofing off with the music piped into the background.

The JBL portable speaker has all of the features you want without the weight of a larger speaker. It doubles as a speakerphone for calls as well. Just connect to the mobile device and the whole audience can hear.


  • if you only have one, hide it :)
  • get a rechargeable model
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20 12 09 16 02 03 original 600x600 roku

Roku Streaming Media Player

The Ultra is Roku’s “top of the line media player,” compatible with a wide range of devices, streaming services, and live television. Gamers and tech GUYs will geek out over the 4K, HD, and HDR streaming abilities and the many voice-activated controls.

Why we recommend it: We already thought the Roku Ultra was an ideal new year gift idea, but the lost remote finder feature really sealed the deal.

  • New! Disney+ and Apple TV are now streaming on all Roku devices
  • Power, picture, performance
  • Ultimate connectivity
  • Brilliant picture quality
  • Take control of your TV
  • Fully loaded
  • Endless entertainment
  • Enjoy free TV
  • The free Roku mobile app
  • Automatic software updates
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20 04 09 15 27 37 original 600x600 grooming kit beards

Beard Grooming Kit

I personally wear a beard (gotee). Have to admit, that thing can get pretty itchy - even when showering daily. Of course keeping a beard trimmed is important but maintaining the hair and skin beneath are absolutely key. 

I know a guy who can't wear dark shirts because he sheds so much skin and wisker debree. It's pretty distracting to talk to him. I've seen food in it and often wonder if it's got critters too.

Guys need to keep the scruff groomed and clean.


  • find a shampoo that does the job
  • adding product to longer beards can really help their look and feel
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19 11 11 19 58 03 original 600x600 headphone beats

Beats Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

When we tested the headset we compared it to other basic over-ear head phones, in-ear buds, and other high-end headphones. We found the Beats brand was superior to most buds and over-ear options. They're best for in-home or in-office use. They're probably not as portable as we'd like because they're a bit bulky.

The audio range covers the spectrum the human ear can hear. We like the well balanced sound and warm bass.


  • great gift for a birthday or holiday
  • they're a little heavy for portable use - we prefer buds
  • protect your hearing with safe volume
  • worth the price for the picky audiophile
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Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

GUYs like Valentine's Day gifts that set the mood. From sharing a hot bath to cuddling up on a bean bag or getting comfortable in bed, men want to get close and comfortable.

Listen to music, watching a couple's movie, or laughing with a significant other can create sparks for a romantic evening. Get him gifts to compliment the flowers or chocolates he gets for you.

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