How to Buy a Gift for Dad

Shopping for Dad? Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or other occasion we've got some great suggestions.

I once bought my dad a STEM alcohol powered toy engine. I didn't tell him what it was for. He got it and called, "uh, interesting gift..." I laughed and told him what it was for.

I told him the actual gift was engaging time with his grand sons. He got it, "aaahhh..."

The next time they got together they played for hours making the little light bulb light up. It was a great connection for him.

We surveyed a bunch of dads. They were very insightful. Here are their responses with our two-cents.

It's the thought that counts

"I honestly don't care what my kids get me. I have everything I need and I only want their love."

Some dads are pretty set. They want to know you are thinking of them. Some dads are happy with a card or a picture. Really anything can make them smile. My daughter's woven bracelet means as much to me as anything.

Make it personal

"I just love the personal connection. If it's got my name or an 'Love You' on it I'm set."

Find meaningful messages or products with your dad's name on them. A tee shirt from that last trip or with a funny message is a gift that keeps giving. A product with an enscribed name or message also has a lasting affect.

Keep your ears open

"My kids hear me needing things all the time. I'm pretty sure they know what I want."

Maybe you live with Dad still. Just keep your ears open for the "I wish I had..." or "Wouldnt' it be nice..." comments. If you're on your own, you can listen up when you have family get togethers.

Ask mom

"My wife knows me better than I do. My kids ask her about all my gifts."

Most moms know what dad wants. They'll have great ideas because they know what he's into and what he's "living without". Give a quick call to mom to get the short list.

Gift him an experience

"My daughter sent me on a fishing trip and bought me a new rig for the outing."

Buy tickets to a concert, a trip on his favorite adventure, two tickets to a movie, an outing to the iceskating rink, etc. Find a way to give him one more story to tell his friends and family.

Don't forget the handwritten card

"For my last birthday the best gift I got was a card from my daughter."

Most fathers melt reading a card with a few kind words and meaningful messages. Be sure the card is handwritten. Today, handwritten cards are rare with our common devices. It's more meaningful if you take the time to write it and send it.

Get a memorable gift for your dad. Remember, he's already excited about it regardless of what you get him. Put a little thought into it and he'll love it.

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Gift Ideas For Dad

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