How to Buy Gifts for a Brother

Looking for a gift for your brother? Shopping for that perfect present?

We asked around and found the best tips for finding a gift for a brother. Here are some of the responses we heard with our input.

Connect to childhood

"I love it when my sister makes me remember the fun times. A card or a toy brings back the most amazing memories."

Siblings make the best memories. Buy a gift that invokes those great memories. Look for nostalgic keepsakes. One of my brothers gets a matchbox car for his birthday every year - he's 40.

Make me laugh

"My brother knows all the inside jokes. The phrase, 'I want Skittles' makes us both giggle. He just gets me Skittles and a card and we're good to go."

Whether it's a practical joke, a funny movie, a comic strip, or an off color tee shirt, make him laugh and the gift will keep on giving.

Hit up my friends

"My buddies all know what to get me. They make me a little nervous those [followed by chuckles]."

If you want to get a more involved gift, talk to your brother's friends. They'll know what he's looking for. They'll probably set him up for embarassment too. Ask his buddies for tickets to get or products gift.

Don't forget the card.

Keep it simple

"When we were young we used to get gifts. Then we just did gift cards. Then just notes. Now we just texts with a quick message. We usually get back, "thanks dude" as the response."

Some siblings like to keep it simple for a birthday. They're siblings so the memories are the best gifts.

Food might be good enough

"My sister takes me out to lunch. It's such a great time to just catch up."

Some brothers just want to connect and catch up. My daughter takes my son out to lunch for his birthday and they usually come home goofing off and laughing.

Don't break the bank

"Just send a card. I don't want anything."

A lot of siblings want to connect. A lot of GUYs just want a card or quick note. Of course you can get a gift but don't break the bank for a sibling. Keep it simple and make it about the memories.


Shopping for a gift for your brother can seem daunting. Really, you can usually keep it simple and make it about the memories. Most brothers just want to connect and laugh.

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