9 Must-Read Tips for Shopping for GUYs

It's easy to default to gift cards when you're thinking about what to buy for men. Really easy. After all, the GUYs you're shopping for probably told you outright that's what they want, right? We're here to stop you. Seriously, resist the temptation and don't buy yet another gift card.

Gift cards are practical, yes, but they aren't at all thoughtful and they're certainly not memorable. The best presents for men are the ones that show you know them and that you pay attention. They're the ones that fulfill a need, are unforgettable, or that your GUY isn't expecting.

1. Know your GUY's interests

When you're shopping for GUYs, first and foremost, you need to know what they like – and equally importantly, what they don't.

Some things will be glaringly obvious. For example, men are either into video games or they're not. They like to cook or they don't. However, there are many subtle clues that can help you choose the best presents for GUYs. Pay attention to what he spends his free time on, what he gravitates toward when scrolling social media or looking for something to watch, and even his go-to restaurant dishes. These all hold valuable insight.

2. The best presents for men fulfill their needs

One of the best tips for shopping for GUYs is to solve their problems – even ones they don't realize they have. Think about gifts that could help the men on your list achieve goals, further explore a budding hobby, improve upon a skill, or even treat pain.

Some of the best presents for men that meet that criteria include a home gym for a GUY who wants to exercise more, a new lens for an aspiring photographer, or a massage for someone who complains about shoulder pain. Any of these also work as cool gifts for GUYs who have everything.

3. Gift experiences rather than things

There really is something to be said for giving memories over material things when shopping for GUYs. Get your man a product and then tickets. For example, buy him a snorkel with a "coupon" to go to the beach. Or, buy him headphones to go with concert tickets.

When you're deciding what to buy for men, think about a place the GUY's always talking about, the skill he's always wanted to learn, or that new thing he's dying to try. We highly recommend attaching a tentative date. Something along the lines of, "I earmarked early February for us to go check this out." This takes the pressure off of the GUY and gives him one less thing to do.

4. Function over form

We all take some level of pride in giving expensive, flashy gifts, but the best presents for men aren't determined by their price tags. Men will love something they can use.

When you're shopping for mens clothing, a functional jacket or even a pair of wool socks makes far more sense than a shirt you chose because of the pattern. Ask yourself if it's one of the best presents for GUYs based on how much they'll realistically use it – not just its cool factor.

5. Give gifts that keep on giving

We know, it's a cliche. It's also sound advice. Thinking about the term "the gift that keeps on giving," it means looking beyond the moment of exchange. Longer-term, how will the present add value to the recipient's life? The best presents for GUYs literally keep on giving.

Noting our previous suggestion in this gift guide for GUYs, a high-quality pair of socks will be worn for years. Another great example is gifting a chef's knife to a GUY who loves to cook. Interestingly, data also shows that people value functional items more when received as gifts because of the sentimentality attached.

6. Want to know what to buy for men? Ask his buddies

A GUY's inner circle often has some valuable inside information, even if they don't necessarily know it. Most men aren't exactly in the habit of divulging deep secrets over a round of beers on guys' night. But, they probably casually mention somewhere or something they're dying to buy, try, or do.

This information isn't intentionally being withheld from you per se, but maybe your GUY doesn't mention it because it's expensive or he simply doesn't want to ask. In lots of ways, a GUY's friends are untapped resources when it comes to finding the best presents for men.

7. Re-evaluate how you gift

Just because you finally figured out the best presents for GUYs, doesn't mean you're totally done. Get creative with how you actually present the gift to make it more sentimental and memorable, even if that's not really your thing. Actually, especially if that's not really your thing.

Write a thoughtful letter about the reasoning behind the gift (even if it's blatantly obvious), create a scavenger hunt to find the present, or use deceptive packaging, like boxing something tiny in a TV box. These are all ways to add value to the best presents for men.

8. Search a site created by men, for men

Come on, you knew this shameless plug was coming. In all seriousness, we know our stuff, right? That's why you're here. We're GUYs who hang out with other GUYs and (we think) we know what men want. We know what's trending, what's practical, and what your GUY needs that he doesn't even know he needs.

We also focus heavily on value in our gift guides. That doesn't mean the least expensive products. It means the best-quality products for men for the money, that are packed with features. That's why we're one of the best resources on shopping for GUYs.

9. What to give GUYs who insist they don't need anything

It's fairly common for men to say "I don't need anything, just time with you." If you're faced with this situation, don't overthink it. Instead, give the GUY exactly what he's asking for.

Time is incredibly valuable, so spending yours with someone really is one of the best presents for men. It also falls under the category of cool gifts for GUYs who have everything. No money has to be involved; simply find time to get together. Cook dinner or binge-watch a favorite show and most importantly, be present. Keep your devices tucked out of sight.

Shopping for GUYs is no easy task – even if you're a GUY! We typically default to saying we don't need or want anything, which is actually true most of the time. It makes things difficult if you just want to know what to buy for men, but don't overthink it.

Instead, just pay attention to the natural, subtle cues the GUYs on your list give you all the time. The best presents for men are things that fit naturally into their lives and help them solve a problem or improve something, even if it didn't necessarily need fixing. Happy shopping, and thanks for putting up with us.

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