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Emergency Wool Blanket

This queen size wool blanket is the perfect size and weight for use around the home or in an emergency setting. It is comfortable, large and very warm.

Why We Love It

  • True queen size - 72 x 92 - actually fits a queen mattress
  • Stylish - we love the dark gray and the contrasting stitching
  • Zippered bag - stow the blanket when not used to protect from insects

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We keep at least one wool blanket per person in our household. Besides using it for bedding in the winter, we want them handy in case of an emergency. This blanket is large and can easily fit two people. It's awesome for outdoor adventures too.

Tips and Recommendations

  1. Take them camping to use with a sleeping bag
  2. Keep one per person for emergencies
  3. Always store them in the zippered bag
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