Top Gifts and Products for April Fool's Day

Shop the best April Fools Day gifts and products for men. Find masks, gags, political themes, and more to set up the best pranks.

21 01 18 20 01 22 original 600x600 fake roaches

Prank Fake Roaches

These plastic fake roaches are perfect for April Fool's Day or any other prank event. There are 100 pieces and they can be scattered or piled. Sure to get a jump scare and screams.


  • pantry
  • sock drawer
  • sink
  • pillow


  • accidents have been known to happen when bug-haters get too excited - make sure you know your target
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21 01 25 20 04 03 original 600x600 man bun

Faux Man Bun Visor

For those of us who can't grow a man bun (bald, straight-laced, work restricted, etc.) this faux man bun is perfect for the temporary style appropriation. We think it's great for sharing with someone who hasn't seen you for awhile. You could probably find some wardrobe items to match for a complete look.


  • April fool's day
  • Halloween
  • Friend reunion
  • Come home from college
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21 01 19 12 04 11 original 600x600 tortilla blanket

Tortilla Throw Blanket

Our kids have always loved to be tucked in because we have them put their arms to their sides and then we tuck the blankets around them. We call it the "bedtime breakfast burrito". 

This cozy silly blanket makes the human burritos that much more fun! They blanket is round and printed on both sides. 


  • sometimes you have to roll the kids in the tortilla
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20 12 08 13 04 07 original 600x600 mask old man

Deluxe Full-Head Old Man Mask

HIGH QUALITY: Masks and Costumes Are Designed to be Comfortably Worn for Extended Periods of Time

Why we recommend it: If you’re interested in multi-purpose products for GUYs, either for yourself or as a present, this mask fits the bill. It works as a Halloween costume or full-blown disguise, and would make a hilarious prank.

  • 100% Latex
  • No Closure closure
  • Hand Wash
  • moving mouth with very soft Latex mask
  • Handmade in the USA
  • comfortable to wear
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20 12 08 12 54 13 original 600x600 mask trump

Men’s Donald Trump Mask

No matter what other products for men you pair this mask with, you’re guaranteed to attract some attention.

Perfect a few Trump-isms (use “amazing” and “huge” as much as possible) and you’ll be the star of the Halloween party!

Why we recommend it: We love this product because it’s excellent quality and because Donald Trump is one of the most polarizing political figures in history. We’d love to be flies on the wall anywhere this mask is worn!

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20 03 12 15 33 27 original 600x600 toilet paper donald trump

Toilet Paper - Donald Trump

We know a family that hates Trump. We sent him a gift. :)

The instant it arrived in the mail a group text thread started up and the memes and comments rolled on for much of the day. This Donald Trump toilet paper is sure to bring a smile and laughter to anyone.


  • Wait to put it out until the in-laws are over for dinner
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20 03 12 15 33 10 original 600x600 toilet paper hillary clinton

Toilet Paper - Hillary Clinton

Grandma has a special place in her heart for Hillary. Time to send her a gift. :)

Imagine the group text thread full of memes and comments. This Hillary Clinton toilet paper is sure to bring a smile and laughter to anyone.


Wait to put it out until the family comes over for dinner

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20 04 15 15 03 47 original 600x600 cufflinks stormtroopers

Storm Trooper Cuff Links

  • High quality rhodium plated stormtrooper helmet cufflink
  • Skillfully crafted with high quality material
  • Perfect accessory for your french cuff shirt
  • Arrives in a nice presentation box
  • Size: 19*20mm

See also: Darth Vader, Yoda, R2D2, Clone, Chewbacca

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20 12 08 13 47 52 original 600x600 mask werewolf

Men's Silver Werewolf Mask with Moving Jaw

Werewolves are awesome men Halloween costumes, but are also perfect products for men for cosplay, Comic-Con, or a theme party. This GUY mask is cool enough that you can wear it with literally anything!

  • 80% Latex, 5% Mod Acrylic Wefting, 5% foam insert, 5% Faux Fur
  • Made in USA and Imported
  • Hand Wash
  • Handmade in the USA
  • High quality: Masks Are Designed To Be Comfortably Worn For Extended Periods Of Time

Why we recommend it: This is legitimately one of the best and most authentic werewolf masks we’ve ever seen.

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21 01 19 12 26 13 original 600x600 fidget shifter

Fidget Shifter Keychain

Looking for a unique gift for a GUY with a car or truck? This 3D gear box shifter is the perfect fidget keychain. 

The shifter lever can be moved to the various gear positions like a manual transmission. You'll find yourself playing with it non-stop.


  • match the color to the car 
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Happy April Fool's Day! We hope these highlighted gifts and products for men will make your April Fools Day memorable.

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