Top Gifts and Products for April Fool's Day

Shop the best April Fools Day gifts and products for men. Find masks, gags, political themes, and more to set up the best pranks.

21 01 18 20 01 22 original 600x600 fake roaches

Prank Fake Roaches

Admittedly, this prank product is a cruel one. These fake roaches will definitely get under the skin of any bug hater.

What we love:

  • Realistic looking
  • Durable
  • Creepy
21 01 25 20 04 03 original 600x600 man bun

Faux Man Bun Visor

Perfect faux head piece to punk mom or your significant other. Also a great Halloween addition. For those of us with no hair, maybe this can be a permanent 'leave-the-house' EDC item.

What we love:

  1. Realistic
  2. Matches a lot of hair colors
21 01 19 12 04 11 original 600x600 tortilla blanket

Tortilla Throw Blanket

We turn our kids into banket burritos all the time. Now we can do it with a real blanket tortilla!

This blanket is cozy and warm.

What we love:

  • Tortilla shape (round) and print
  • Large enough for a multi-kid burrito
  • Cozy
20 12 08 13 04 07 original 600x600 mask old man

Deluxe Full-Head Old Man Mask

If you’re a procrastinator or know a GUY who always waits until the last minute, you’re probably looking for last minute Halloween ideas. No judgment - been there.

Luckily, masks work perfectly as men Halloween costumes. Everyone loves a mildly creepy yet lovable old man, so this is a guaranteed hit. The almost-too-authentic-looking 100% latex mask is handmade and features a moving mouth.

20 12 08 12 54 13 original 600x600 mask trump

Men’s Donald Trump Mask

Regardless of where your political allegiance lies, who doesn’t love a Donald Trump mask? The world-famous billionaire-turned-POTUS is immediately recognizable. 

20 03 12 15 33 27 original 600x600 toilet paper donald trump

Toilet Paper - Donald Trump

Know anyone who doesn't like Donald Trump? This is the perfect gag product for your jokester. 

What We Love:

  1. Guaranteed to bring a smile every time at the john
  2. Gets the job done
20 03 12 15 33 10 original 600x600 toilet paper hillary clinton

Toilet Paper - Hillary Clinton

Know anyone who doesn't like Hillary Clinton? This is the perfect gag product for your jokester. 

What We Love:

  1. Guaranteed to bring a smile every time at the john
  2. Gets the job done
20 04 15 15 03 47 original 600x600 cufflinks stormtroopers

Storm Trooper Cuff Links

Conversation starter? Every see a GUY wearing a nice suit and suddenly you see his Star Wars themed cuff links? Instantly you know he's lighthhearted. 

20 12 08 13 47 52 original 600x600 mask werewolf

Men's Silver Werewolf Mask with Moving Jaw

Need an awesome men’s Halloween costume or even an ultra-cool GUY gift? Here it is. This handcrafted, USA-made silver werewolf mask features excellent quality faux fur and a moving jaw with oversized bloody teeth. It also covers the entire head, not just the front of the face.

21 01 19 12 26 13 original 600x600 fidget shifter

Fidget Shifter Keychain

The perfect gift for a GUY who loves his car or truck. This fidget shifter is the perfect keychain for a man who has a manual transmission.

What we love:

  • Fun fidget toy
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Many colors to match the car

Happy April Fool's Day! We hope these highlighted gifts and products for men will make your April Fools Day memorable.

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