Buying a Gift for Your Husband

If you're looking for a gift for your husband we've got some great ideas. Whether it's an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or other occasion we've got some great suggestions.

My wife knows me better than anyone. When we were recently married she saved up any cash she could and took me shopping for a home sound system. The budget wasn't huge but it was enough. She had foregone a lot of personal purchases to save up and she was so happy to see me excited.

We went to the big box store and tested a number of brands. We settled on a shelf speaker surround sound set with subwoofer. We took it home and set it all up. It was such and amazing improvement from what we had.

More than 20 years later we still have the speaker set. It's an amazing gift that keeps on giving.

We surveyed several husbands to get their take. They were very insightful. Here are their responses with our two-cents.

Gift Me an Experience

"I love going to concerts. I think I remember them all. Get me tickets to an upcoming band and I'm golden."

Some husbands love music or sports or movies. Get him tickets to an upcoming event. Go with him or send his buddies. Take pics so he can remember the outing. You might get him a product that delivers and experience as well.

Wants, Not Needs

"Not a fan of getting things to do chores - it's like giving a woman a vaccuum. The best gifts make me forget about chores."

Most GUYs already have in mind the next product they want to purchase. Most of those products aren't focused on the honey-do list. They want gifts to get away from responsibilities.

Hobby Accessories

"I fly fish. I know what I want for my next outing. I've got flies, leaders, and other gear already listed. She nails it if she asks me what I'm looking for and then gifts it."

GUYs have a list of items they need to keep their hobbies going. Wood workers want the next tool, outdoorsmen want the next gear, RC enthusiasts want the next model or accessory. You know what he loves to do so you can help him gear up for his hobbies.

Think Gear First

"I want stuff for camping or hunting. It's hard to go wrong with gear for either of those."

Most GUYs love gear. They usually want gear for their hobbies or adventures. Get the right gear and you're set. Just ask him or his buddies and they'll let you know what is the best fit.

Make Me Laugh

"Just get me funny stuff."

Whether a present is a little off color or flat out funny, most guys will appreciate it. Men like to escape the mundane and a humorous present can deliver perfectly.

Make It Memorable

"I like pictures and things that remind me of good times."

Pictures, tee shirts, and other memorable gifts are great for men. They like to see things around the house that remind them of great times and awesome adventures. Keepsakes often get put on display or kept safe for show and tell later.

Take Me Shopping to Pick It Out

"I'm to the point I don't need a surprise - I'd rather have exactly what I'm looking for. Just take me shopping and we'll get it."

Most men are particular about things they own. If they want gear or tools they usually want a certain brand and model. Instead of guessing wrong, forcing him to return the item for the right thing, just sit with him at the PC or take him out to get it right from the start.

Get a memorable gift for your husband. A little thought can have a lot of meaning.

Gift Ideas For Your Husband

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