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ACTION Survival Multitool

Heavy Duty Multitool for Emergencies, Work, Camping, Hiking, Survival, First Aid, Outdoors and EDC

Stainless Steel, Sturdy, Light Weight, Auto Locking, Affordable

What We Love

  • Awesome price for a heavy duty multitool!
  • Main blade is awesome for tough tasks
  • Scissors were designed for first aid applications
  • Cord cutter is awesome!
  • Skeletonized frame cuts weight without compromizing strength

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The rugged multitool was designed for heavy duty applications. The toolset was selected with the most common applications in mind. We use ours camping, in our emergency kits, in the back yard and nearly everywhere else. We love the Leatherman Wave but this multitool is more heavy duty and better priced.

This multitool features tools commonly needed in emergencies or outdoor activities. The skeletonized stainless steel frame minimizes weight and bulk yet it's heavy-duty and stout. It's great for EDC and go-bags. It's all metal and no plastic. It holds up under the toughest applications. We've thoroughly abused ours on hundreds of outings and they've held up great.

ACTION Multitool Functions

Featured Tools

  1. Needle Noes Pliers (Reinforced)
  2. Standard Pliers (Spring loaded)
  3. Wire Cutter (Replaceable)
  4. Hard Wire Cutter (Replaceable)
  5. Electrical Crimper
  6. Main Blade (Deep profile for power applications)
  7. First Aid Scissors
  8. Wood Saw (Two-way)
  9. Cord Cutter (Designed for paracord, twine and rope)
  10. Can Opener (Sharpened cutting edge)
  11. Bottle Opener
  12. Wood/Metal File
  13. Awl/Hole Punch (Sharpened edge)
  14. Slotted Screwdriver (3mm)
  15. Slotted Screwdriver (5mm)
  16. Slotted Screwdriver (6mm)
  17. Phillips Screwdriver (Rectangle shaft accepts accessory bit extension)
  18. Accessory Bits (11 bits)

Tips and Recommendations

  1. Get the one with driver bits
  2. Use this one day to day because it's as good but costs way less
  3. Put one in your go bag/bug out bag
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