20 03 12 17 54 36 original 600x600 rc car
20 03 12 17 54 36 original 600x600 rc car

RC Truck/Car

My son LOVES this RC Truck/Car. It's fast on every terrain - I mean REALLY fast. It's pretty sturdy, if you don't abuse it. We did end up burning out the servo (plastic like most this size) but the company has replacements you can buy. Great little RC car.

3 Things We Love:

  1. FAST!
  2. Easy to control
  3. Just the right size to take on any outing

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As a kid I wanted one of these so bad! I got one for my son to live vicariously :). What a blast!!!

We got it out of the box and in 30 seconds he had it on high speed and was a pro. He ran the wheels off of it. We took it to the softball diamonds and drifted it around continuously. We've had it on sand, grass, and forest floor as well as pavement. It handles all of them.

My son got into jumping it a bit but that wasn't a good idea. The shell cracked. Eventually the servo gave out. We bought a new servo (from the company) and brought it back to life. A relative got one and we raced them around a ton. 


  • Get another battery or two
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