20 04 07 19 32 56 original 600x600 gokart
20 04 07 19 32 56 original 600x600 gokart

Electric GoKart

Talk about a fun gift!! Add the engine (you may already have it in the garage) and you are set for hours of fun.

Please wear head protection and stay safe!

What we love:

  1. "Drift kit?" are you kidding? how fun is that?
  2. Super stylish
  3. Makes an existing toy into a superstar toy

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OK, so we don't own one yet for personal testing. However, our research indicates this would be an awesome gift for a teen GUY. It does require the Ninebot S and then you get a personal gokart that travels up to 10mph. That's crusin'! Surprisingly adults can ride it just fine as well as kids. 

We're a big ATV family so we get the motorized toy appeal. So happens this one is made for drifting. And the price is a fraction of what you might pay for an ATV.


  • requires Segway miniPRO or Ninebot S (sold separately)
  • Wear a helmet!
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