Best Winter Gifts for Men (2021)

Love it or hate it, winter is upon us. Even GUYs who live in perpetually warm, sunny climates (we're looking at you, Arizonans and Southern Californians) need men’s winter wear. It’s smart to have some good-quality snow gear for men on hand, whether it’s an entire shelf’s worth or just a single pair of guys winter boots. You never know when you may get a spontaneous weekend invitation to the mountains.

Whether you're interested in adding to your prized collection of men's winter gear or you don't even own a proper coat, here's our collection of the best winter products for men.

20 12 09 18 20 23 original 600x600 tumbler

Insulated Tumbler

If you’ve never seen them before, look up videos of Yeti cups surviving car fires or still having ice in them days later. They’re like actual yetis, but of the cup world.

Ramblers are the only cups available with Yeti’s proprietary MagSlider lids. They’re also dishwasher-safe, come in tons of colors, and are insanely durable. Even if your GUY already has a Yeti collection, one more never hurts. 

Why we recommend it: Yetis are our go-to gifts for men, no matter what the GUY’s into. We all drink something, after all, so why not keep it extra cold or hot?

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20 12 09 16 17 17 original 600x600 winter coat

Waterproof Winter Ski Jacket

Yes, even if you’ve never strapped on a ski. This one is water and wind-proof, thanks to its DWR (durable water repellent) finish. The coat has a warm, soft sherpa-like interior lining, a detachable hood with a drawstring, and numerous pockets, including two inside. It also comes in 17 color options. 

Why we recommend it: Winter coats for GUYs are absolutely essential, and this one is highly functional and stylish. We especially like the versatility of being able to detach the hood and all the useful pockets.

  • Warm fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Multifunctional pockets

Best use - this windbreaker ski jacket is ideal equipment for:

  • downhill skiing
  • snowboarding
  • snow sports
  • hiking
  • rock climbing
  • other winter outdoor sports.
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20 12 09 16 25 40 original 600x600 waterproof gloves

Waterproof Insulated Gloves

These Carhartt gloves are waterproof and feature a FastDry lining. They also have a reinforced palm, so you can get work done and keep a solid grip no matter how cold or wet it is outside.

Why we recommend it: You simply cannot go wrong with Carhartt. They make some of the most durable outdoor and work-ready products for men.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Hook and Loop closure
  • Durable polytex shell
  • FastDry technology lining wicks away sweat for comfort
  • Waterproof insert
  • Reinforced polyurethane (PU) palm
  • Imported
  • Spot wash by hand in luke warm water with mild detergent. Hang to dry. Do not use hot water. Do not put in dryer.
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20 12 09 16 32 50 original 600x600 winter hat

Winter Hat

As we said, Carhartt is always a home run when it comes to high-quality, tough products for GUYs – and females too, for that matter. The “Watch Hat” acrylic beanie is a timeless and unisex winter style that balances both form and function. It comes in a couple dozen colors, is constructed of soft, warm acrylic yarn, and is made in the USA. The material is extremely stretchy and holds its shape well, so it fits virtually everyone.

Why we recommend it: It never hurts to add a beanie (or two!) to your collection of men’s winter gear. 

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20 12 09 18 45 48 original 600x600 snow boot

Waterproof Gore-Tex Snow Boots

Even if you see snow just once a year, every man should own a quality pair of GUYs winter boots. Trust us: Warm, dry feet can make or break your snow adventure. 

This boot is built to perform in any environment. Decades of hands-on knowledge inspired Danner to build the Alsea from a mold that is a consistent customer favorite. It provides an excellent fit, leverages lightweight technologies and is available with optional insulation. Regardless of the climate or the terrain you're heading into, there's an Alsea to fit.


  • Use them for hunting
  • Use them for outdoor work

They're awesome on the trail.

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19 11 01 17 17 34 original alvada socks 6x6

Merino Wool Socks

When you go hiking, you know that it is you against the elements. Socks are the one thing that can help keep the cold out and the heat trapped in when it matters the most, and wool socks as your choice of hiking socks can go a long way in protecting your feet and keeping them comfortable. With these 80% Wool Hiking Socks, you can enjoy total comfort, warmth and support during the entire hike thanks to its unique composition and warm, yet breathable design.

The Wool Hiking Socks are made with both durability and comfort in mind. They are composed of 80 % luxurious Merino wool, 15% polyester, 4% nylon and 1% spandex. This offers you the warmth of genuine Merino wool, the durability of polyester and nylon and the small bit of stretch that the spandex affords to ensure that these socks adhere to the unique shape of your foot.

With the Wool Hiking Socks, you get a cushioned footbed in the bottom of the sock. The cushioning on these mens and womens hiking socks are ideal for padding each step that you take, giving you the right amount of give in each step. This ensures that with these wool hiking socks, you are not just stepping down hard onto the soles of your hiking boots. With these hiking socks, women and men alike can enjoy the comfort of their itch-free composition, ensuring that you won't have to stop to scratch your feet mid-hike as your skin won't get irritated by these luxuriously soft Merino wool socks. Designed to be worn with boots, these mens wool socks sit at calf height and will stay in place, no matter how long your hike might be.

  • 80% Merino wool, 15% polyester, 4% nylon and 1% spandex
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20 12 09 16 43 33 original 600x600 snow pants

Waterproof Snow Pants

Have you ever played in the snow while wearing jeans? Take our word for it, it’s not very pleasant. 

Live fearlessly this winter with the ARCTIX high performance Snow Sports Cargo Pant. The outer shell is laminated to a breathable high-tech material that wicks body moisture away to keep you dry during outdoor exercise or hard work. All critical seams are reinforced and sealed for a truly wind and water resistant garment. The multi-layered construction of the pant features advanced lightweight insulation with heat-trapping micro chambers designed to help you stay warmer than traditional insulation.

Why we recommend it: We love this product for men because it packs a big punch in a lightweight, non-bulky package and it has pockets – rare for snow pants.

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20 12 09 16 51 01 original 600x600 snowball maker

Snowball Maker

This isn’t essential men’s winter gear in the sense that it will keep you warm or dry, but it is one of our favorite products for men (for what we think are obvious reasons). 

These snowball makers create perfectly uniform, baseball-sized snowballs in a matter of seconds. Create a new holiday tradition with a family snowball fight or hurl them at your unsuspecting buddies when they arrive at your meeting spot. As a bonus, the snowball makers also work well with beach sand.

Why we recommend it: We can’t think of a single reason why we wouldn’t recommend this awesome product for men. 

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20 10 07 14 11 37 original 600x600 space heater

Portable Electric Space Heater

We've tested a number of electric space heaters over the years. For the price, this one is a great value. It heats up immediately, has a number of safety features and has a great output for a small space. 

Because it's portable we use this thing everywhere. We plug it in when we're working in the garage as well as basement rooms that don't heat up well. We've hauled it to the cabin to warm specific rooms overnight. It's a great gift for adult GUYs.

That’s why space heaters are some of the best winter products for men. Whether a GUY is working remotely and wants to make his office toasty, prefers to sleep in a heated room, or needs a heater for cold-weather outdoor pursuits, this portable electric version fits the bill. It’s tiny but mighty and has an automatic shutoff for safety.

Why we recommend it: We love this product for men because it works as both a heater and  fan, and it’s portable. 


  • keep away from children
  • keep away from anything flamable
  • works great in a cabin or rental
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19 11 09 10 37 07 original 600x600 ax fiskars

Fiskars Axe

We started with the Hatchet for backpacking. We love it! Growing up we used a wooden ax for our firewood. It was bulky, full of splinters, and eventually wore out quickly. We decided to test the Fiskars polymer product to see how it compared. I won't chop wood now without it.

The balance is great and it holds up really well.

This one from Fiskars is easy to use and feels natural in the hands, even for axe newbies. Its sturdy construction is virtually indestructible and the head won’t separate, no matter how much you use it. Plus, its extra-long 36” size is perfect for taller GUYs. 

Why we recommend it: This splitting axe is extremely well-constructed, relatively lightweight, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • wear protective gear
    • eyewear
    • sturdy boots
    • leather gloves
  • ensure your stance isn't compromised
  • follow the safety protocol
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20 12 09 18 20 42 original 600x600 snow blower

Husqvarna Snow Blower

A snow blower isn’t in the same men’s winter gear category as, say, guys winter outfits, but it’s a cold-climate necessity. Plus, snow blowers are really fun to use. 

Husqvarna’s two-stage, gas-powered model features a powerful 208cc engine, power steering, and electric start. Plug it in and go – no more hoping it’s too cold for your battery.

Why we recommend it: If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, a snow blower makes quick work of winter chores. We love this product because of its one-touch electric start and auger, which blasts through even frozen snow. 

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19 11 01 17 09 34 original balaclava 6x6

Winter Ski Mask Balaclava, Wind-Resistant Face Mask, Thermal Fleece

This highly-rated winter ski balaclava mask is a necessity for most winter sports. Whether skiing, snow mobiling, sledding or engaging in a snowball fight you've got to be protected from the elements. 

In our product tests, this thermal headwear performed very well. When used as part of a thermal system (winter coat, hat, leg and foot wear) we found we could perform very well in sub freezing weather. 

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The winter blues are very real, but you can make the season a lot more bearable with proper men's winter wear and gear. A good pair of guys winter boots won’t make winter any shorter, but they will make it more comfortable.

One final note on our guide to snow gear for men: This is one of those categories where you usually get what you pay for. When it comes to keeping yourself warm and dry, spend a little more for better-quality gear. Stay safe this season, and be sure to check out our other buying guides on the best products for men.

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