June Birthday Gifts for Men - 2023

Shopping for a birthday gift for a June birthday? We've tracked down some great gifts for men born in June. We considered the following to build this list:

  • top products for Summer
  • typical activities for June
  • average Summer weather in the US 


20 03 27 19 09 13 original 600x600 treepod

Treepod - Portable Tree House

Talk about the ultimate chill lounger. The TreePod Cabana sets up easily for the perfect zen get-away. It hangs in nearly any tree. It's the ideal back yard hammock.

What we love:

  1. Ultra comfortable
  2. Perfect for summer chillin
  3. Stylish back yard relaxing
  4. Instant Shade
  5. Insect resistent
21 02 16 17 05 24 original 600x600 cocktail glasses

Crystal Cocktail Glasses

Serve up a delicious cocktail in classy crystal glasses. The 8 oz capacity is perfect for social gatherings.

What We Love:

  1. Crystal craftsmanship
  2. Minimalist design
  3. Dedicated style and feel
21 03 11 13 55 24 original 600x600 portable smoothie maker

Portable Smoothie Maker

Blend your favorite smoothie on the go. Simply add the ingredients and let the personal, rechargable blender do the rest, ANYWHERE.

What we love:

  1. Portable - personal device means you can use it on the go
  2. Rechargeable - use it over and over and plug it in during down time
  3. Personal Size - light weight form factor means you can pack it if needed
20 03 12 17 41 08 original 600x600 drone

Drone with Camera

We bought a drone a few years ago. This thing is amazing in comparison! While it's geared for beginners, it has some awesome features. The price is amazing as well. There are thousands of 4+ star reviews. Great trendy product!

Things We Love:

  1. Compact design let's it go anywhere
  2. Built in camera
  3. Beginner mode 
19 11 09 13 31 02 original 600x600 adirondack chair

Adirondack Chair

We use our Adirondack chairs next to the firepit. They have wide arms for drinks and food and are very comfortable. We've had them for years and they hold up great. We've seen them used on people's docks too. They are waterproof and stand up well with wet bodies sitting in them.

What We Love:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Stylish
  3. Sturdy
21 06 17 12 41 05 original il 794xn.3198810375 kx5a

Golfer's Hat

Enjoy your next golfing outing with this stylish golfer's hat. Golf hat with silhouette of a golfer after a swing. This is the perfect cap for people who love to golf.

21 06 18 15 08 53 original il 794xn.3152659574 jrwk

Mountain Biking Hat

My addrenaline is pumping just thinking of my next trail ride!

If you love mountain biking or know someone who does, this is the cap for you! This mountain biking cap is embroidered and durable. It features a silhouette of a downhill mountain biker in action.

21 06 17 12 26 47 original il 1140xn.3198448843 c9nm

Fly Fishing Hat

You remember the last time you cast the perfect fly and felt a trout strike. Feeling that tug drives every fly fisherman. Connect with your passion with this winged dry fly cap! Share your fishing passion with this fly fishing baseball hat.

21 06 17 12 11 39 original il 794xn.3198489523 71wf

Hat for Rock Climbers

21 01 29 15 57 04 original 600x600 sachel

Vintage Canvas Satchel

This traditional canvas bag is perfect for personal or business effects. This vintage looking canvas shoulder bag is perfect for nearly any venue.

What we love:

  1. Traditional canvas look
  2. Sturdy craftsmanship
  3. Sizeable pockets
  4. Great colors
20 02 26 20 25 11 original 600x600 backpack medium

Hiking Backpack - Medium

The G4Free hiking backpack is a great value. It is a medium, 50L pack great for camping, hiking, climbing gear, etc. The rain fly comes in more handy than I thought. 

We've purchased and used multiple of these. We have one for each kid for backpacking. It's a great pack for an overnighter.

The pockets/compartments are ideal for moderate day packing or simple overnighters. 

What We Love:

  1. Great size for a day pack or kids backpacking pack
  2. Has just the right compartments, including a hydro bladder compartment
  3. The rain cover has been used more than we expected
19 11 14 10 50 14 original sunbrella6x6

Beach Canopy and Umbrella

A must have for Spring, Summer, and Fall sports or beach outings. We've tried quite a few pop-up shades, tents, umbrella's etc. In the end this one always seems to be the go-to choice. Comparatively small and light, quick and easy to setup/takedown, can take rough beach weather (when pointed in the right direction!) It just works and it works faster, better and ligher than the other options we've used. 

What We Love:

  1. Quick Setup
  2. Light
  3. Great protection from the elements
20 04 01 14 15 45 original 600x600 bocce

Bocce Ball Set

The perfect game for family reunions, back yard fun, and park outings. Anyone of nearly any age can play and win. We take ours to the cabin for the reunion. There's always someone playing.

What we love:

  1. Great family game
  2. Durable
  3. Fun and creative 
20 03 25 20 41 36 original 600x600 wilson football

Best Official Football

Our kids love playing football in the backyard. Whether it's playing catch with dad or flag football with the buddies they'll spend hours at it. Wilson is our go-to football.

What we love:

  1. Wilson has mastered the right texture and feel
  2. Official size
  3. Long-lasting and durable
20 03 27 13 47 22 original 600x600 fishing pole jordan lee

Fishing Rod - Abu Garcia

Baitcasting is awesome! We fish for pike and other awesome sport fish. This Abu Garcia bait casting rod/reel combo is a great package to get started.

What we love:

  1. The length and stiffness are perfect for larger fish
  2. The reel has a great ratio and drag system
21 02 16 17 38 01 original 600x600 sog fixed knife

SOG Field Knife

The SOG survival field knife is the ultimate bush craft knife, camping knife and hunting knife; a full tang stainless steel knife crafted in an ultra-tough alloy. It is made from CPM S35VN steel. The fixed blade knife is a great field knife. The full-tang steel makes it sturdy and a great value. The MI carta handle with finger choli offers superior grip. It also comes with a quality Kayden sheath.

What We Love

  1. Survival Fit - In the field this knife performs very well - it's balanced, holds a great edge.
  2. Sturdy - The full-tag steel runs the length of the knife and has a thick spine and body.
  3. Blade - The blade holds a great edge and sharpens easily with the stone or with a pull through tool. We also like the straight edge with no serrations.
20 04 03 12 39 40 original 600x600 hammock

Wise Owl Hammock

Since the first time my daughter used the Wise Owl Hammock she hasn't let it go. We can't get her to sleep in the tent now. We've had to order multiples so the rest of us can enjoy the comfort of a hammock.

What we love:

  1. Quick setup
  2. Self containing stow-away bag
  3. Straps come included
  4. Light weight
20 03 24 16 32 40 original 600x600 dutch oven

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Dutch oven food is the best! We've tried cobbler (cherry, mixed berry, peach), chicken pot pie (YUMMM!), pizza, mountain man breakfast, chicken alfredo, chocolate chip cookie, and more. It's perfect for social outings and camping.

What we love:

  1. The food is delicious! - especially when camping
  2. You can cook anywhere
  3. Great for teaching the kids how to cook without modern conveniences
20 12 08 17 15 51 original 600x600 fitbit

Fitbit Smartwatch

There’s one surefire way to win over your man: Gift the GUYs on your gift exchange list Fitbit smartwatches.

If you’re interested in gifts for men who workout, the Fitbit Charge 4 is practically a no-brainer. This fitness tracker smartwatch is loaded with useful functions every GUY needs.

What we love:

  • activiy tracking
  • call and text alerts
  • 24/7 heart rate
  • swimproof
  • GPS
21 01 19 12 26 13 original 600x600 fidget shifter

Fidget Shifter Keychain

The perfect gift for a GUY who loves his car or truck. This fidget shifter is the perfect keychain for a man who has a manual transmission.

What we love:

  • Fun fidget toy
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Many colors to match the car

June Birthday Gifts for Him

Find a gift for a man with a June birthday. June is an awesome time to be outdoors for many men. Others are looking to stay cool in the shade or doing water sports.

Keep in mind Father's Day is a June holiday.

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