Top Picks for Men Focusing on Their Health and Wellness

Whether you are shopping for a man who takes care of his health and wants to keep it that way or you are looking for a GUY who needs to change some habits, these gifts will help. Find products chosen for healthy living. 

This list includes products for exercise, good food, and an active lifestyle.


20 12 09 15 38 31 original 600x600 portable gym

Portable Gym

Looking for gifts for men who workout? A highly-rated, affordable portable gym is the answer. Any GUY would love this, whether he’s a committed gym rat or just beginning some fitness goals.

20 03 12 16 29 19 original 600x600 shoes keen

Waterproof Hiking Shoe - Keen

All the time we spend outdoors requires durable, waterproof footwear. Keen waterproof shoes have proven to be great, every day shoes.

What we love:

  1. Aggressive soles
  2. Waterproof shoes
  3. Attractive designs
20 03 12 16 29 12 original 600x600 shoes merrel

Waterproof Hiking Shoe - Merrell

We spend a TON of time outdoors. Durable, waterproof shoes are a must. Merrell shoes are proven to last and perform, even when the conditions are poor.

What we love:

  1. Comfortable
  2. Waterproof shoes
  3. Attractive designs
20 10 26 14 32 50 original 600x600 air fryer

Air Fryer

If you've never cooked with an air fryer, you're missing out. Gear up for your next great meal.

What We Love:

  1. The accessories with this fryer are awesome. Rotisserie, skewer and fry.
  2. The large size means you can cook turkeys and roast
  3. Fry your food with minimal oil and grease
20 12 08 17 15 51 original 600x600 fitbit

Fitbit Smartwatch

There’s one surefire way to win over your man: Gift the GUYs on your gift exchange list Fitbit smartwatches.

If you’re interested in gifts for men who workout, the Fitbit Charge 4 is practically a no-brainer. This fitness tracker smartwatch is loaded with useful functions every GUY needs.

What we love:

  • activiy tracking
  • call and text alerts
  • 24/7 heart rate
  • swimproof
  • GPS
20 12 08 16 39 34 original 600x600 gps watch

GPS Smartwatch

Giving any GUY a Garmin GPS smartwatch will clench your status as Best Gift Giver. Ever.

What we love:

  • Monitors heart rate
  • GPS tracks location
  • Smart notifications, automatic uploads to Garmin Connect
  • Activity tracking counts steps and calories
19 11 09 12 18 35 original 600x600 basketball wilson

Best Leather Basketball

I coach two youth basketball teams. A few years ago one of the kids showed up with this ball. Now every kid has one and they won't use anything else in practice. The refs commonly ask us to use one for the game ball. It's the go-to for indoor basketball.

What we love:

  1. Wilson figured out the perfect material for grip and handling
  2. Various sizes for the appropriate age
  3. They last forever (if used appropriately indoors)
20 03 25 20 41 36 original 600x600 wilson football

Best Official Football

Our kids love playing football in the backyard. Whether it's playing catch with dad or flag football with the buddies they'll spend hours at it. Wilson is our go-to football.

What we love:

  1. Wilson has mastered the right texture and feel
  2. Official size
  3. Long-lasting and durable
20 03 12 15 07 19 original 600x600 soccer ball

Best Soccer Ball

Wilson soccer balls are a staple in leagues and homes alike. Get the official size for your GUY.

What we love:

  1. Classic look 
  2. Durable leather
20 02 26 20 25 11 original 600x600 backpack medium

Hiking Backpack - Medium

The G4Free hiking backpack is a great value. It is a medium, 50L pack great for camping, hiking, climbing gear, etc. The rain fly comes in more handy than I thought. 

We've purchased and used multiple of these. We have one for each kid for backpacking. It's a great pack for an overnighter.

The pockets/compartments are ideal for moderate day packing or simple overnighters. 

What We Love:

  1. Great size for a day pack or kids backpacking pack
  2. Has just the right compartments, including a hydro bladder compartment
  3. The rain cover has been used more than we expected
20 12 08 16 53 51 original 600x600 ear buds

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds make excellent gifts for men, and Anker makes some of the best around. Sound produced via these drivers boasts dramatically enhanced clarity - allowing you to hear every delicate detail and nuance.

What we love:

  1. waterproof
  2. light weight
  3. excellent sound
21 06 17 12 41 05 original il 794xn.3198810375 kx5a

Golfer's Hat

Enjoy your next golfing outing with this stylish golfer's hat. Golf hat with silhouette of a golfer after a swing. This is the perfect cap for people who love to golf.

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Hat for Rock Climbers

Health Focused Gifts for Men

Find exercise products, healthy food products, and devices to help your GUY focus on their health and stamina. Help them be active, get outdoors, and eat healthy.

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