Top Tips for Buying Birthday Gifts for Men

Does a man in your life have a birthday coming up? We know how to find a gift for them. We took the question to the experts: other men.

We interviewed a couple of dozen Men to learn what they felt was important when shopping for a birthday gift for men. We found their responses intriguing.

We listed their answers by highest response and included some of their comments.

Just ask me

"I usually know exactly what I want. I've been researching it for fact, just get me a gift card so I can get exactly what I want..."

Some GUYs have everything they want and they don't care to have unwanted things around the house. They know exactly what their next purchase is. It can be as simple as just asking them.

While we don't believe most men want the 'gift card' verion, finding the right gift can be as easy as asking. Men that like this option appreciate the gift as much as a surprise.

Ask my friends

"My GUY friends know what I'm in to and what I've been talking about. Ask them - secretly."

Some men hang out with friends or co-workers who get to hear all about the next pending purchase on a daily basis. One quick text or call can tell you all you need to know about the perfect birthday gift.

Just be careful they're not setting you up :). Joker buddies can cause all sorts of gifting problems.

Know what I'm interested in

"Usually GUYs want something related to what they're interested in. I usually have the main things but I'm eyeballing an accessory to go with it."

Do you know a guy who has a hobby or loves a specific type of adventure? Most GUYs have the next purchase in mind for their hobby or passion. Watch for lists or listen to comments about things he's looking for. Watch him next time he goes shopping - guaranteed, he's checking something out on the shelves. Check his search history for recent shopping activites. His Amazon account might have a list too.

Be Creative

"For me, surprise gifts are the funnest. If someone spent the time to make something or come up with something unexpected it means a lot."

Some men appreciate a creative approach. Make something for them. Paint, knit, build, create something that fits their personality. I wear a bracelet every day that my daughter made for me and I don't like jewery - I haven't worn a watch or ring for decades. However, I'll wear this bracelet until it falls off, and then I'll probably put it with the silver in the safe.

Make it personal

"Nothing means more to me than a personal gift. I like it when the gift fits my personality."

A guy who has everything wants to know he means something. A gift with a personalized message or something tailored to him individually goes a long way. Find a gift with his name or a message that speaks to him.

Give me something that helps me connect

"Give me something I can use with my kids or friends."

A gift that interests a GUYs kids or helps him have fun with his buddies is an instant hit. I got my dad an engine he could share with his grandsons. They played with it for hours. The gift wasn't the engine, it was an experience with his grandkids.

Buy gear for my adventure

"I like to travel. Find something that makes traveling better or easier."

Men who love the outdoors or who love to travel are always looking for gear. They may want something that makes the adventure safer or more fun. Listen to them talk about their adventures and listen for gift keywords.

Buy an age appropriate gift

"Don't buy me something for a twenty-year-old. I'm in my 60's for crying out loud. Get me something simple but appropriate for my age"

Unless a gift helps a man connect with someone else be sure the gift is age appropriate. You don't buy and older GUY products for teens just like a teen won't apprecaite something for an older man.

Take advice from other men and you can find the perfect birthday gift.

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