Top Product Trends for Men in 2024

In 2024 men are looking for tech, adventure, novelty and personalization. Finding the right gift can be tricky. Fortunately, there are a ton of great options.

What Do Men Want This Year?

2024 is a great year for gifts for men. Personalization is exploding with a growing number of products on Etsy and Amazon. The advent of on-demand orders means creators can make an infinite number of goods to cater to nearly any style or taste. Post-COVID travel is back to normal and men can venture out to nearly anywhere. The tech scene has better options than ever.

Personalized Products

Men love personalized items. Nothing tells a guy he's special like a thoughtful gift with the right message.

Etsy has a TON of customizeable products for men. Board games, wall decor, office goods, and so many more awesome products are perfect for gifting.

Novelty Items

Men want noteable gifts. They want something unique that stands out every time they see it. Gifts like every day carry items or goods around the home are super meaningful.

Adventure Gear

Many men just want to get away. They want a respite from work, a break from chores, and an engaging adventure. Finding gear to make that adventure exciting is always a good call.

Tech Devices

Every day a new tech device is being launched. The AI landscape will prove to be crazy exciting over time. Keep an eye out for the next tech match for your guy.

Outdoor Products for GUYs

We predict men will emerge this year and escape to the outdoors. We'll also seek to hang out with our friends.

Outdoor Trends

Expect continued outdoor engagement. Men will hit the trails in all sorts of activities. They'll be buying gear, apparel, equipment, and more. Men will be looking for new gear like packs, water containers, survival gear, first aid, knives and tools, food, etc. I personally can't wait to get out! Here are the top outdoor product categories:

Shop Top Outdoor Products
20 03 12 16 29 19 original 600x600 shoes keen

Waterproof Hiking Shoe - Keen

20 04 15 15 44 21 original 600x600 bike rack

Bicycle Bike Wall Hanger

Tech and Device Trends

AI will power some of the best tech gadgets imaginable. Tech purchases will likely continue in 2024. However, we'll see more fitness and outdoor tech trends. Men have been returning to normal routines and will be looking to expand their footprint with more travel and adventure. Consider these items:

Shop Top Tech and Device Products
20 12 08 16 39 34 original 600x600 gps watch

GPS Smartwatch

20 12 08 17 15 51 original 600x600 fitbit

Fitbit Smartwatch

Fitness and Sports Trends

Gyms and trails will continue to see an increase in men venturing out. Many men are looking to stay in shape by hitting the gym and getting out. Some of the top categories for male purchases are in outdoor and sports gear.

Shop Top Health and Fitness Products
20 12 09 15 38 31 original 600x600 portable gym

Portable Gym

20 12 08 16 53 51 original 600x600 ear buds

Wireless Earbuds

Living Spaces Trends

With work-from-home a persistent trend, men continue to make their homes and spaces more comfortable and more engaging. Furniture, tech, cooking, and other leisure activities continue to garner a lot of attention from men. Here are the top categories:

Shop Top Living Spaces Products
19 11 09 12 03 28 original 600x600 monitor

LG 34-Inch 21:9 UltraWide IPS Monitor

20 04 01 13 54 26 original 600x600 grill smoker traegar

Traegar Smoker Grill

Fashion Trends

Flexible fashion is in for men. Guys want clothing that is functional an stylish. Population growth and designer abundance means you can find nearly any type of fashion fix.

Shop Top Fashion Products
19 11 14 13 51 47 original silverridge6x6

Zip Off Convertible Quick Dry Pants

20 03 12 16 29 12 original 600x600 shoes merrel

Waterproof Hiking Shoe - Merrell

Seasonal Trends

2024 has potential to be an awesome year for guys. Lower fuel prices, a strong job market, no COVID, and other great factors mean guys will be engaged in normal lifestyle. They'll be back to social events, sports, and other social engagements.

Spring Trends

Spring gifts and products

Summer Trends

Summer gifts and products

Fall Trends

Fall gifts and products

Winter Trends

Winter gifts and products

Shop Top Fashion Products
21 01 28 13 52 25 original 600x600 2 person tent

Kelty 2-Person Tent

20 04 03 12 39 40 original 600x600 hammock

Wise Owl Hammock

20 03 25 20 15 53 original 600x600 handbag

Leather Handbag

How to Shop for Men this Year

If you are buying a gift for a man this year, find ways to get him engaged in out-of-home activities. Early in the year he'll still be focused on indoor activities. As Spring and Summer bring sunny days, GUYs will be wanting to get outside. Birthday gifts, holiday presents, and special events will be driven by novelty, adventure, and personalization.

Such a great time to purchase gifts for men. 

Shopping Tips for Men
Living Room Gifts

Early in the year consider getting us gifts to enhance our indoor comfort.

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