20 03 25 20 15 53 original 600x600 handbag
20 03 25 20 15 53 original 600x600 handbag

Leather Handbag

This vintage leather handbag has thousands of reviews and its average rating is 5-star. This bag is amazing!

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What we love:

  1. Made from full grain leather
  2. Classy look
  3. Pockets for contents organization
  4. Inner lining is soft and friendly for your gear

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The bag you carry for your mobile devices, files, books and other gear says a lot about your style. We researched a number of bags and this one has the best ratings. It scores well for size, materials, compartments, and durability.

We like the multiple colors and options for style. The feel of the leather is great - doesn't feel cheap.

This is a great gift for a GUY in business, for church, or for school.


  • condition the leather regularly 
  • while the bag repels water, it is leather and shouldn't be soaked
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