March Birthday Gifts for Men - 2023

Shopping for a birthday gift for a March birthday? We've tracked down some great gifts for men born in March. We considered the following to build this list:

  • current hot products we've seen in the past month
  • typical activities for March
  • average Winter/Spring weather conditions in the US


20 11 30 19 05 48 original 600x600 audio bundle

DAW Audio Interface Studio Bundle

Get started with a personal audio recording studio. This complete bundle comes with the basic components to record instruments or vocals.

The bundle includes everything you need to record tracks and save them to your PC.

What We Love:

  1. Multi-input jacks with volume controls
  2. Long cable for extended recording distance
  3. Great price to get the kids started
20 03 12 17 41 08 original 600x600 drone

Drone with Camera

We bought a drone a few years ago. This thing is amazing in comparison! While it's geared for beginners, it has some awesome features. The price is amazing as well. There are thousands of 4+ star reviews. Great trendy product!

Things We Love:

  1. Compact design let's it go anywhere
  2. Built in camera
  3. Beginner mode 
19 11 09 12 45 16 original 600x600 fishing rod collapsable

Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

This telescoping pole goes on nearly every outing. It is so compact and light you don't notice it. I'll even take it in my backpack when I go flyfishing because some holes are better for spinner fishing. 

The reel is reliable and the pole has held up really well. I've had it on dozens of outings without incident.

What We Love:

  1. Compact design when compressed
  2. Reliable reel
  3. Affordable price
20 03 27 13 47 22 original 600x600 fishing pole jordan lee

Fishing Rod - Abu Garcia

Baitcasting is awesome! We fish for pike and other awesome sport fish. This Abu Garcia bait casting rod/reel combo is a great package to get started.

What we love:

  1. The length and stiffness are perfect for larger fish
  2. The reel has a great ratio and drag system
20 03 12 18 39 20 original 600x600 buck knife

Buck Knife

Few products are as tried and true as the Buck Knife. My dad got me one as a Boy Scout many years ago. It's as much keepsake as it is functional tool.

3 Things We Love:

  1. Durable and reliable
  2. Stylish
  3. Uncomplicated

We love our buck knives.

20 12 08 17 15 51 original 600x600 fitbit

Fitbit Smartwatch

There’s one surefire way to win over your man: Gift the GUYs on your gift exchange list Fitbit smartwatches.

If you’re interested in gifts for men who workout, the Fitbit Charge 4 is practically a no-brainer. This fitness tracker smartwatch is loaded with useful functions every GUY needs.

What we love:

  • activiy tracking
  • call and text alerts
  • 24/7 heart rate
  • swimproof
  • GPS
20 03 25 20 41 36 original 600x600 wilson football

Best Official Football

Our kids love playing football in the backyard. Whether it's playing catch with dad or flag football with the buddies they'll spend hours at it. Wilson is our go-to football.

What we love:

  1. Wilson has mastered the right texture and feel
  2. Official size
  3. Long-lasting and durable
20 12 09 16 02 20 original 600x600 sonos

Sonos Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker

Want to make any GUY feel like the coolest guy on the block (or at the very least in the house)? This Sonos smart speaker is one of those unique products for men that can do exactly that. 

20 12 09 15 38 31 original 600x600 portable gym

Portable Gym

Looking for gifts for men who workout? A highly-rated, affordable portable gym is the answer. Any GUY would love this, whether he’s a committed gym rat or just beginning some fitness goals.

19 11 14 14 29 03 original sony wireless noise cancelling6x6

Headphones - Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth

If you've never experienced noise cancelling headphones, you don't know what you're missing. Music and movie audio becomes immersive. 

What we love:

  1. Crystal clear audio
  2. Comfortable
  3. Immersive
  4. Ear cup gesture
  5. Quick charge: 10 min charge = 5 hours playback!
20 04 09 13 18 58 original 600x600 external drive

Portable External Hard Drive - Seagate

Seagate makes a great external hard drive. We use ours for media storage, family photo/video backup, school project backup, and much more. 

In such a digital age, it's almost required to have extra storage devices.

What we love:

  1. Plug and play
  2. It's NOT a CD/DVD
  3. Portable
  4. Works with Mac or PC
  5. Stores a huge amount of data or assets
  6. USB is compatible with most machines
20 12 15 14 08 19 original 600x600 ski goggles

Ski Goggles

Oakley ski goggles are stylish, sturdy and very functional!

We love the rimless design of the Flight Deck XM. They provide awesome peripheral vision and streamlined design.


March Birthday Gifts for Him

Find a gift for a man with a March birthday. It's Spring but probably not too warm yet. Find products focused on hobbies or other indoor activities. 

In the Southern part of the country GUYs are enjoying perfect camping and outdoor activies.

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