20 02 26 20 11 21 original 600x600 vacuum robot
20 02 26 20 11 21 original 600x600 vacuum robot

Robot Vacuum

We love our robot vacuum. It wanders around the house with one purpose: clean the house so we don't have to. Watching it do it's thing is fascinating, as long as you don't watch too long. :)

What We Love:

  1. Hands-off productivity
  2. Quiet
  3. Keeps the dog on its toes :)

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My wife loves a clean house. She's constantly on the prowl for things to tidy and organize. 

She found this autonomous robot vacuum on Amazon and her eyes lit up. She asked for it as a gift. Best gift ever!

The first time you use it you catch yourself watching it as it wanders around doing its job. After a while it breaks from its efforts and returns to the charge station. So cool!

The side perk...the dog doesn't know what to do. At first she couldn't be in the same room. Later she would chase it around. Now she just keeps a steady eye on it...just in case.

Want to make your wife/partner happy to do less around the house? Or single and want to have the house clean itself? Time to get an affordable robot vacuum.

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