20 12 08 13 47 52 original 600x600 mask werewolf
20 12 08 13 47 52 original 600x600 mask werewolf

Men's Silver Werewolf Mask with Moving Jaw

Need an awesome men’s Halloween costume or even an ultra-cool GUY gift? Here it is. This handcrafted, USA-made silver werewolf mask features excellent quality faux fur and a moving jaw with oversized bloody teeth. It also covers the entire head, not just the front of the face.

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Werewolves are awesome men Halloween costumes, but are also perfect products for men for cosplay, Comic-Con, or a theme party. This GUY mask is cool enough that you can wear it with literally anything!

  • 80% Latex, 5% Mod Acrylic Wefting, 5% foam insert, 5% Faux Fur
  • Made in USA and Imported
  • Hand Wash
  • Handmade in the USA
  • High quality: Masks Are Designed To Be Comfortably Worn For Extended Periods Of Time

Why we recommend it: This is legitimately one of the best and most authentic werewolf masks we’ve ever seen.

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