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Headphones - Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth

If you've never experienced noise cancelling headphones, you don't know what you're missing. Music and movie audio becomes immersive. 

What we love:

  1. Crystal clear audio
  2. Comfortable
  3. Immersive
  4. Ear cup gesture
  5. Quick charge: 10 min charge = 5 hours playback!


Sony makes an awesome headset. I've owned multiple pairs from cheap to pricey. Once you go to noise cancelling you'll have a hard time going back - everything else sounds inferior.

The Sony noise cancelling headphones have nailed it. The sound experience digital effects are creating now are amazing. Like Beats headsets and comparatively digital shooting cans our environments are completely in our contol. 

Besides the sound, one of the coolest features to experience is the right-cup hand gesture. If you need to exit your sound cocoon temporarily to have a conversation, a simple raise of the hand over the right ear dampens the sound so people can be heard. What a cool convenience.


  • consider for conference calls (mic included)
  • try with Alexa
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