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Zip Off Convertible Quick Dry Pants

These tried and true favorites are my go-to pants when I'm headed outdoors. I like to think that they are very similar to a cargo chino and business casual worthy but my wife tells me it's a stretch. I'm in an area where temps go from 110-30 degrees (sometimes alot of that range in a single day) so I like the versitility of pants VS shorts. They are so light and breathable I usually just keep them as pants even in the heat. I'm not a fan of heavy so these really appeal because they are really lightweight.

What We Love:

  1. Fast Drying
  2. Light weight
  3. Convertible pant/short clothing

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NOTE: The zipped side pocket (left side) is the best phone pocket on any pant, short or really any piece of clothing that I own. Love that it zips, my phone's been saved several times by that zipper.  I've put these through some serious abuse both in wear and tear and getting them waist deep mud dirty and they do great.

SIZE NOTE: I like my pants to flow pretty loose so I buy at least a size big and it's perfect.

One minute you’re tackling a ridge, the next minute you’re running a river. These convertible pants are the ideal solution for both multi-sport outings and unpredictable weather conditions.These pants feature zip-off legs, converting to a 10-inch inseam short. Perfect for all-day hikes where lower-leg protection is necessary at times, and a cool breeze is necessary at others.

I often take these fishing or hiking and find that I convert them quite a bit.

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