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Xbox One X 1TB Console

We got the XBox One X 1 TB console for our kids for Christmas. They love it. They have friends over all the time and play it in the home theater. For special events we connect between 3 and 6 of these to multiple TVs and projector screens. The kids have a blast! Between the theater sound and the screaming kids it's a memorable experience. 

What We Love:

  1. Plenty of space
  2. HDMI works great with the home theater
  3. Stable and fast response

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We've owned multiple game consoles. The XBox One was such a huge step up from the 360. Our kids love it!

Here's something we do with our youth group and basketball team at the end of the season:

We have access to a projector screen and multiple TVs. We bring them all to one room with comfortable seating, drinks and pizza. 

  1. Connect 4 XBox One consoles (make sure and hardwire them to a router if you can)
  2. Adjust the settings so they all see each other
  3. Play Halo 4

Each console can be split into 4 screens on a TV. That means that 4 consoles can have 4 screens each resulting in 16 screens. Each boy has his controller and they play against each other for hours. They do team games, all v. all, capture the flag, etc. It's one of the highlights of the year!

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