21 01 25 16 35 33 original 600x600 hand crank solar rechargeable am fm sw radio  led flashlight  power bank
21 01 25 16 35 33 original 600x600 hand crank solar rechargeable am fm sw radio  led flashlight  power bank

Hand Crank/Solar Rechargeable AM/FM/SW Radio, LED Flashlight, Power Bank - Rugged

Power your Iphone or mobile device by USB, solar or hand crank. This devices also has an AM/FM/SW/NOAA radio, flashlight and power outlet. This rechargeable radio is made of strong, impact and water resistent ABS material. It's the perfect communication and charging device for an emergency.

What we love:

  • Rapid charge - cranking the device generates enough power to run the radio for awhile or turn on the flashlight for some time
  • Multi-band radio - get emergency alerts, weather reports, standard radio stations, news stations and more with the AM/FM/SW/NOAA bands
  • USB power for other devices - piggy back off of the rechargeable battery for other devices
  • Durable construction - the device holds up well to bumps and drops

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Receive public notices, light your way, recharge your devices and more in an emergency with this multi-purpose rechargeable radio and flashlight. It's super handy during a power outage or if the grid goes down. Generate power and recharge the batteries with the hand crank or solar panel. Pair a mobile device to the rechargeable battery to power it as well. Phones, GPS devices, MP3 players, cameras, and other devices can connect to the power supply. We've tested our radio. We've let the battery power drop and with only a few hand cranks we're back in business. It obviously doesn't produce power like a wall outlet but it can power small devices.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Charge it up on occasion so the battery doesn't go dead
  • Make sure you have the right USB cables for other devices
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