20 12 09 18 20 42 original 600x600 snow blower
20 12 09 18 20 42 original 600x600 snow blower

Husqvarna Snow Blower

Every year like clockwork the snow falls and the blowers come out. Stay on top of the task with your Husqvarna snow blower.

Get one with a large enough motor and front end. It has to be 2-stage and electric start or your job can be a night mare.

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A snow blower isn’t in the same men’s winter gear category as, say, guys winter outfits, but it’s a cold-climate necessity. Plus, snow blowers are really fun to use. 

Husqvarna’s two-stage, gas-powered model features a powerful 208cc engine, power steering, and electric start. Plug it in and go – no more hoping it’s too cold for your battery.

Why we recommend it: If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, a snow blower makes quick work of winter chores. We love this product because of its one-touch electric start and auger, which blasts through even frozen snow. 

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