20 04 11 15 09 45 original 600x600 silicone rings
20 04 11 15 09 45 original 600x600 silicone rings

Silicone Wedding Ring

This is a must have for active, handy GUYs. I was in the garage a few years back and got my gold ring caught on a saw. Could have lost some fingers. Scared me. Since, I've worn silicone rings. They are super affordable and best of all, they break away. 

What we love:

  1. Sturdy enough
  2. Breakaway when needed
  3. Stylish color options
  4. Super affordable throw away if needed

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Years ago I saw a friend "deglove" his ring finger playing basketball. His ring caught on the rim and it tore most of the flesh off the finger. 

I have a VERY active lifestyle including woodworking hobbies, etc. I've had some close calls. When I saw a craftsman friend of mine with his silicone ring I had to investigate. I bought a pack of 4 and swap them out. 

My wife is happy. I'm officially off the market. But, I'm also safe.


  • put the real ring in the safe for special occasions
  • get the right size - i wear mine just a bit large 

Since I've worn mine, a lot of people around me have started wearing them. Nothing against the real thing but having a cheap tear away brings such good piece of mind.

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