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You're Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children

Only Dr. Seuss Can make getting old and the accompanying doctoring great thing to put out in your local doctor office lobby. I just wanna know what they do in dermoglymics.

What we love:

  1. Super relatable for the old GUY
  2. Classic Dr. Seuss rhymes.

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A Dr. Seuss book targeting old GUYs is bound to be eye catching!

The book follows "you" (an elderly GUY) through a physical check-up in some fiendish geriatric clinic. You are measured, prodded, and subjected to all the medical indignities familiar and unfamiliar to the elderly. "You must see Dr. Pollen, our Allergy Whiz, who knows every sniffle and itch that there is... He will check your reactions to thumbtacks and glue, catcher's mitts, leaf mould, and cardigans too. Nasturtiums and marble cake, white and blue chalks, anthracite coal and the feathers of hawks." It's clear that the process is going to be long, but much shorter than the bill. 

A great read for the doctor's office!

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