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20 03 12 18 12 25 original 600x600 top

Titanium Spinning Top

This titanium top is the perfect, stylish fidget toy. It's made out of titanium and not a child's toy, although kids would find it fascinating.

The titanium spinning top matches many classy desktop styles. 

3 things we love about it:

  1. Addictive therapy qualities
  2. Stylishly matches many tastes
  3. Lightweight and durable construction

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The ForeverSpin top is surprisingly addictive to play with. We find it migrates all over the house and office. Anyone who sees it picks it up and gives it a spin. We find it on the counter spinning randomly, on the dining table, and then we haul it back to the desk. 

There's definitely a therapeutic quality to the spinning top. During calls or other stressful moments we find ourselves watching it spin as we calm down. 

Pretty cool, classy desk addition or EDC pocket-item.

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