20 03 26 19 47 15 original 600x600 knife swiss army
20 03 26 19 47 15 original 600x600 knife swiss army

Swiss Army Pocket Knife

The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife is the staple multitool everyone knows. It's tried and true and garners great ratings across thousands of ratings. The perfect EDC pocket knife.

What we love:

  1. Has the most commonly needed tools 
  2. Victorinox quality
  3. Durable, compact form factor

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My brother carries a Swiss Army Knife for his EDC. While I tend to like a heavier multitool with fewer tools (Leatherman Freestyle), I can see the appeal of a multitool that's both functional and light weight. He says he uses it all the time and doesn't know it's there until he needs it.


  • dont' buy a cheap knockoff - get the real thing
  • sharpen the knife blade when you get it
  • gift one to a child
  • check the toothpick and tweezers to make sure they'll stay in their slots
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