Top 10 Father's Day Gifts (2023)

Make a special connection with your dad this Father's Day. Find him a gift to make his life easier or more relaxed. Share a personalized present or something he'll appreciate. This year fathers want to connect. They want to get out of the house. They want to relax from the stresses of work and life. 

The gifts we feathure this year will help him relax, connect, have an adventure, experience great food.

Happy Father's Day!

Top Father's Day Gift List


Deep Massager

Wouldn't a deep tissue massage feel great right now? This top-rated deep muscle massager is perfect for men!

What we love:

  • Multiple attachment heads
  • Rechargeable
  • Multiple modes

We're pretty safe saying that most dads would love a deep tissue massage this Father's Day. This massager is perfect for helping him relax.

It has multiple attachment heads to find the perfect massage. It's portable and rechargeable. 

Air Fryer

If you've never cooked with an air fryer, you're missing out. Gear up for your next great meal.

What We Love:

  1. The accessories with this fryer are awesome. Rotisserie, skewer and fry.
  2. The large size means you can cook turkeys and roast
  3. Fry your food with minimal oil and grease

Get your father a gift that makes delicious, healthy food. An air fryer makes awesome poultry, beef, or pork. 

Enjoy the taste of fried food without the oil. If you haven't tried air fried chicken, you're missing out!

Golf Ball Marker Divot Tool - Personalized

The best gifts have a personal touch. Give a personalized divot tool to your golfing GUY. Add his name and a message and make a sincere statement.

What we love:

  1. Personalized touch
  2. Classy looking
  3. Practical

Is your dad an avid golfer? Nothing says you care like a personalized gift for his favorite activity.

The personalized golf ball marker is ideal for the man who has everything. It's stylish, durable, and super classy.

Beats Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

We have tested the Beats brand wireless head phones against a number of other audio head gear. While you are paying for some hype and brand, the audio quality is fantastic. 

What We Love:

  1. Noise cancellation is a must
  2. Great battery life
  3. Wireless usage
  4. Stylish design

Is your father into music? A set of Beats headphones will give him the perfect sound room for his favorite tunes.

The headset is wireless and noise-cancelling for the best possible sound experience. They are perfect for a crowded coffee shop or public setting.

Treepod - Portable Tree House

Talk about the ultimate chill lounger. The TreePod Cabana sets up easily for the perfect zen get-away. It hangs in nearly any tree. It's the ideal back yard hammock.

What we love:

  1. Ultra comfortable
  2. Perfect for summer chillin
  3. Stylish back yard relaxing
  4. Instant Shade
  5. Insect resistent

Father's Day happens to be the perfect Summer holiday. Get your dad an ultra comfy tree pod. 

Let your dad relax outside, shaded from the hot sun. The Treepod Cabana is ideal for a hard-working father who wants to sit back and chill.

Drone with Camera

We bought a drone a few years ago. This thing is amazing in comparison! While it's geared for beginners, it has some awesome features. The price is amazing as well. There are thousands of 4+ star reviews. Great trendy product!

Things We Love:

  1. Compact design let's it go anywhere
  2. Built in camera
  3. Beginner mode 

Does dad have younger children or teens? Let him connect with his kiddos with a easy to use drone. 

Take videos of them playing out back or in the park with the onboard camera. You know...your father might like this gift even if the kids are all grown...

RC Truck/Car

My son LOVES this RC Truck/Car. It's fast on every terrain - I mean REALLY fast. It's pretty sturdy, if you don't abuse it. We did end up burning out the servo (plastic like most this size) but the company has replacements you can buy. Great little RC car.

3 Things We Love:

  1. FAST!
  2. Easy to control
  3. Just the right size to take on any outing

Watch the inner-kid come out by getting your dad an RC truck or car for Father's Day. My son got one and I can't put down the controller when he hands it to me.

This RC car is awesome on baseball diamonds, back yards, or parks. It's fast and easy to use. Dad will love it!

Skip Bo Card Game

Slip-Bo is a must have card game for the game closet. For our family it's nearly always one of the top considerations for game night. 

It's a rummy/sequence game with wild cards. Strategy includes blocking opponents, discarding creatively and improving your odds.

What we love:

  1. Requires some luck but more strategy
  2. Easy to play in teams
  3. Easy to learn

Connect with dad by getting him a card game. Grandparents, fathers and the whole family will love Skipbo. 

Be sure to play speed Skipbo. Team up and set a rapid pace for laughing, exciting fun!

Fishing Rod - Abu Garcia

Baitcasting is awesome! We fish for pike and other awesome sport fish. This Abu Garcia bait casting rod/reel combo is a great package to get started.

What we love:

  1. The length and stiffness are perfect for larger fish
  2. The reel has a great ratio and drag system

Time for dad to get out of the house and take a fishing trip? A lot of Father's are antsy to get out and adventure the Summer away.

Abu Garcia makes a great combo rod and reel. Choose your stiffness and length and set him up for a great outing.

ESPN Air Hockey Table

This air hockey table is perfect for a man cave, living room, or game room. Our kids spend a ton of time on our table with their friends or cousins. 

What we love:

  • ESPN reputation
  • Quality and durable
  • Full-coverage air table

ESPN makes a great air hockey table. Let your kids and whole family connect with dad with a competitive game of air hockey.

Fathers love game night and air hockey has just the perfect amount of rowdy without tearing down the house. :)

Good luck connecting with dad this Father's day! We hope you're able to find the right gift.

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