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20 04 17 19 54 21 original 600x600 game skipbo

Skip Bo Card Game

Slip-Bo is a must have card game for the game closet. For our family it's nearly always one of the top considerations for game night. 

It's a rummy/sequence game with wild cards. Strategy includes blocking opponents, discarding creatively and improving your odds.

What we love:

  1. Requires some luck but more strategy
  2. Easy to play in teams
  3. Easy to learn

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Grandma and Grandpa love to challenge anyone to Skip Bo doubles. They're good! Unless you get a great streak of luck, they're hard to beat!

You can usually tell if Grandma is winning when you call her on the phone by her attitude. :)


  • learn how to play by the rules
  • alter the rules
    • play in teams
    • play the speed version
    • change the size of the 'down' pile
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