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19 11 14 10 50 14 original sunbrella6x6

Beach Canopy and Umbrella

A must have for Spring, Summer, and Fall sports or beach outings. We've tried quite a few pop-up shades, tents, umbrella's etc. In the end this one always seems to be the go-to choice. Comparatively small and light, quick and easy to setup/takedown, can take rough beach weather (when pointed in the right direction!) It just works and it works faster, better and ligher than the other options we've used. 

What We Love:

  1. Quick Setup
  2. Light
  3. Great protection from the elements


We spend a ton of time at the ball fields and on the beach. We've tried a number of different shelters and umbrellas. This is the one. I'm surprised by how often we use it agains the surprise rain storm while at the ball fields.


  • If possible, set it up so the wind doesn't grab it
  • When it's windy, use the tent pegs - avoid chasing it across the field
  • Take it to the soccer, baseball, lacrosse fields, etc.
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