21 02 17 13 10 40 original 600x600 fingerprint lock
21 02 17 13 10 40 original 600x600 fingerprint lock

Fingerprint Padlock

The fingerprint padlock is a great tech gift. Ditch hard-to-remember combinations and opt for an easy-to-use fingerprint recognizing lock.

What we love:

  1. Easy to use
  2. USB rechargeable (6 months of standby)
  3. !P65 weatherproof

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Replace standard combination locks with an easy-to-use fingerprint lock. Instead of standing to dial in a combination, simply scan your finger and pull the lock open.

The padlock beam is made of stainless steel for excellent tamper resistance. IP65 weatherproof protects against dust and water. Kindly attention: The padlock is not recommended for extended outdoor use in rain or snow. Connect smart padlock to free mobile app by Bluetooth. You can use the app to register fingerprints, unlock, set authorized user, check the last 1000 unlock activities.


  • recharge it regularly
  • use on lockers or gates
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