20 03 27 13 36 39 original 600x600 gps garmin
20 03 27 13 36 39 original 600x600 gps garmin

GPS - Garmin

We use the Garmin GPS mostly for ATV and exploring. It's incredibly handy when paired with a cell phone or other device. It's a must have when a cell tower isn't handy.

What we love:

  1. Sturdy and durable
  2. Connects to mobile device for larger screen
  3. Preload calendars
  4. Rechargeable
  5. Connects with wearable devices

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We love our ATVs. We spend a number of weekends trekking around our area exploring, camping, fishing, etc. We take the Garmin along to keep us on track. 

Garmin GPS devices are reliable. We typically use one when we're deep in the back country. Road and trails can get confusing in unknown surroundings. At least once during an exploratory outing we find ourselves backtracking to correct a wrong turn.

We have a friend who has the Garmin inReach Explorer. It connects to satelite communications to allow 2-way text messaging from just about anywhere. It's surprising how often we've used the texting features to let people know where we are and when we'll be home.


  • bring the paper area trail map along as well
  • consider the 2-way satelite text version
  • predownload your maps
  • check the GPS location regularly in unknown territory
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