20 04 15 15 27 06 original 600x600 garage storage
20 04 15 15 27 06 original 600x600 garage storage

Garage Storage Rack

Add 105 cubic space to your garage today. Use the garage for your auto AND for storage. Hang the garage storage rack from the garage ceiling and add a ton of extra space. This #1 best seller is a must have.

What we love:

  1. Adjustable - maximize the available space
  2. Sturdy
  3. Keeps items off the garage floor 

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We have family friends with a 2-car garage. They have 2 cars and a TON of stuff that doesn't fit (or belong) in the house. For years they kept the cars outside and the storage items in the garage. Recently they bought these adjustable garage storage racks after doing a bunch of research. They started with one set of the racks but then added a number of them to the garage ceiling. They put them directly over the cars but not over where they disembark the vehicles so they can stand with no issues. They've likely added another half as much space for storage and now they park the cars inside.


  • mount the racks to the ceiling studs
  • follow the weight limits closely
  • adjust their location and height so you're not bumping into them
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