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20 02 26 19 26 59 original 600x600 generator champion

Generator - Champion 7500-watt

7500 watts is more than the minimum (5000 watts) for a number of applications. The Champion 7500-watt generator is perfect for work, survival, home emergency, etc. According to our research on the net, it's sufficient to run a number of appliances at home if needed.

What We Love:

  1. It's a multi-fuel generator
  2. GFCI protected outlets
  3. Handles multiple plug types
  4. Plenty of power for nearly any work or home application

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We bought our Champion 7500-Watt generator primarily for emergency/survival purposes. However, the multi-fuel generator can be used for many, many applications.

A few years ago a storm knocked out the power for a week. We had people showering and doing laundry at our home because we were one of the few homes to still have power. Our generator was put to very good use as well.

You never know when the power will go out and you need electricity for the necessities. We've run our refrigerator and freezer off of it as well. 

The Champion generator is highly recommended and comes with great ratings.


  • consider adding a node in your home panel so the generator can be added in-line
  • make sure it is run outside (never in a confined space)
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