19 11 01 17 23 55 original handwarmers 6x6
19 11 01 17 23 55 original handwarmers 6x6

HeatMax Hand & Body Warmer

Handwarmers are an essential winter supply. I used to buy in smaller packs but ever since my kids figured out why my hands and feet never got cold I had to start buying in bulk. As it turns out I started saving some real money. Oh by the way, these are about the best ones I've found in my unscientific field testing.

What We Love:

  1. Easy to carry
  2. Easy to use
  3. Warm every time
  4. Safe for everyone

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We use thse a TON in the winter and evenings. We've found they're most popular after playing in the snow or standing around outside (i.e. watching fireworks). While our goal is to always be ready with the right winter layers, the reality is that the kids get cold fingers and toes no matter what they're wearing. These things are life savers.


  • pack a set for the kids during sledding or snowball fighting
  • pack 2 sets in the go bag or day pack
  • insert in wool socks when overnight camping
  • pack enough in the car for each person - just in case
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