20 10 07 14 11 37 original 600x600 space heater
20 10 07 14 11 37 original 600x600 space heater

Portable Electric Space Heater

Keep warm this winter with a portable, electric space heater. Heat a small space to warm up and knock off the chill.

What we love:

  1. Compact
  2. Quiet
  3. Thermostat with auto shutoff

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We've tested a number of electric space heaters over the years. For the price, this one is a great value. It heats up immediately, has a number of safety features and has a great output for a small space. 

Because it's portable we use this thing everywhere. We plug it in when we're working in the garage as well as basement rooms that don't heat up well. We've hauled it to the cabin to warm specific rooms overnight. It's a great gift for adult GUYs.

That’s why space heaters are some of the best winter products for men. Whether a GUY is working remotely and wants to make his office toasty, prefers to sleep in a heated room, or needs a heater for cold-weather outdoor pursuits, this portable electric version fits the bill. It’s tiny but mighty and has an automatic shutoff for safety.

Why we recommend it: We love this product for men because it works as both a heater and  fan, and it’s portable. 


  • keep away from children
  • keep away from anything flamable
  • works great in a cabin or rental
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