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20 03 12 14 53 38 original 600x600 knives

Knife Block Set - 18 Piece/Sharpener

This handsome, functional set includes 16 forged-steel knives and kitchen shears, housed in a wooden block with a built-in sharpener. Whether the GUYs on your shopping list are knife enthusiasts or desperately need just one non-dull knife, they’ll love this well-constructed set.

e've owned this block knife set for years. The selection is perfect for any kitchen needs and the sharpener is a great addition. The knives are sturdy and a great value for the price.

What We Love:

  1. Complete knife set includes everything we need
  2. Handy sharpener gets used frequently
  3. The scissors - who knew you needed scissors so often in the kitchen?

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This set of utinsels is probably the most used food prep tools in our kitchen. It's awesome to have one central location for all of these cutlery pieces. Before, we had knives and tools in multiple drawers. This block sits front and center on the counter.

We use the sharpener a lot. There are a lot of blades. It's handy to slide a blade in the block sharpener and give it a couple of cycles to set the edge. 

We've gifted the block as well. 18 cutlery pieces are received very well. 

Why we recommend it: Knives are symbolic of all things GUY-ness. If you’ve been eyeing a set to give as a gift anyway, you may as well incorporate these knives into your other Thanksgiving products. Great wedding gift for a guy.

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