21 02 16 17 38 01 original 600x600 sog fixed knife
21 02 16 17 38 01 original 600x600 sog fixed knife

SOG Field Knife

The SOG survival field knife is the ultimate bush craft knife, camping knife and hunting knife; a full tang stainless steel knife crafted in an ultra-tough alloy. It is made from CPM S35VN steel. The fixed blade knife is a great field knife. The full-tang steel makes it sturdy and a great value. The MI carta handle with finger choli offers superior grip. It also comes with a quality Kayden sheath.

What We Love

  1. Survival Fit - In the field this knife performs very well - it's balanced, holds a great edge.
  2. Sturdy - The full-tag steel runs the length of the knife and has a thick spine and body.
  3. Blade - The blade holds a great edge and sharpens easily with the stone or with a pull through tool. We also like the straight edge with no serrations.

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The SOG fixed blade, stainless steel, full tang knife with 5 in drop point is a great field knife. It is highly rated and reviewed.

The Pillar is designed to outperform in any tactical, industrial or outdoor situation. Perfect balance and perfect weight are what you get when you provide the best smiths with the best materials and ask them to produce a knife that will make you proud to own it.

The knife is stylish and incredibly functional. This tool can tackle many handy tasks. It can help you build shelter, prepare food, administer first aid, prepare fuel for burning, cut cordage, and so much more. It's just the right size to keep its weight minimized while providing the best function.

What's Included

  1. Single fixed blade (all straight), full tang knife
  2. Sturdy sheath


  • Use as intended - while the tool is sturdy, use it wisely. The blade work great as a blade but not so well as levers.
  • Be safe - all open blades are a liability. Cuts and other injuries may occur if you don't use it correctly. 
  • Go-Bag - include the knife in your go bag for emergency situations. While the knife adds weight to a pack, the tradeoff is worth it because of the field functions.
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