20 04 28 14 51 29 original 600x600 paper airplane kit
20 04 28 14 51 29 original 600x600 paper airplane kit

Paper Airplanes Conversion Kit

Perfect for connecting with the kiddos. Fold your favorite paper airplane and add this smart phone connected motor and propeller. Whether a little GUY or a big GUY their sure to love the concept.

My son loves paper airplanes. He's tracked down the perfect pattern and won a competition against a group of adult men. Adding a propeller and connecting it to a smartphone is a dream come true!

What we love:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Every kid's dream

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Every kids dreams of controlling a paper airplane. This propeller/power kit is the perfect gift for younger GUYs. The enhancement gives the plane a range over 50 yards. 

We have tested drones, RC planes, and RC cars. This product is a very affordable alternative.


  • the tech doesn't work with all smartphones
  • not the most durable product


  • watch the videos before flying
  • fly over grass
  • read the reviews before purchase
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