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20 12 09 16 02 03 original 600x600 roku

Roku Streaming Media Player

What GUY doesn’t like watching TV, a great movie, or live sports? If you’re interested in a great gift idea, this is one of the coolest products for men. 

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The Ultra is Roku’s “top of the line media player,” compatible with a wide range of devices, streaming services, and live television. Gamers and tech GUYs will geek out over the 4K, HD, and HDR streaming abilities and the many voice-activated controls.

Why we recommend it: We already thought the Roku Ultra was an ideal new year gift idea, but the lost remote finder feature really sealed the deal.

  • New! Disney+ and Apple TV are now streaming on all Roku devices
  • Power, picture, performance
  • Ultimate connectivity
  • Brilliant picture quality
  • Take control of your TV
  • Fully loaded
  • Endless entertainment
  • Enjoy free TV
  • The free Roku mobile app
  • Automatic software updates
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