19 11 09 12 11 11 original 600x600 receiver onkyo
19 11 09 12 11 11 original 600x600 receiver onkyo

Onkyo Receiver 5.2.2 Channel Dolby Atmos

Have you experienced Dolby Atmos in your home theater? What an amazing experience. This Onkyo 5.2.2 receiver is incredibly flexible for the price and can handle just about any media room configuration you throw at it - all with your mobile device.

What We Love:

  1. Dolby Atmos rocks!!
  2. Easy to set up
  3. Tons of Wattage
  4. Many out of the box presets for any listening experience
  5. Run an entire home theater out of one central device
  6. Did we mention we love Dolby Atmos?!?!

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We built our home theater system with the Onkyo receiver 5.2.2 Dolby Atmos at the center. It takes input from numerous devices and pumps out the necessary power to our SVS speakers and sub. 

Video game night with the kids' friends becomes an epic experience. Watching movies is completely immersive. We've seen the dog lay in the middle of the room and follow 3D sounds all around the room with her eyes. When it rains in the forest, she looks up like she's expecting to get wet. The sound puts you right in the action.


  • hardwire everything
  • if you have a limited budget, invest more in speakers than projector
  • make sure you have enough receiver to power your drivers
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