21 02 24 19 09 52 original 600x600 silicone ring pro football
21 02 24 19 09 52 original 600x600 silicone ring pro football

Silicone Wedding Ring - Pro Football

Protect your hands and show your team loyalty with this awesome pro football team themed silicone wedding ring.

What we love:

  1. Stylish display of loyalty
  2. Durable yet breakaway if needed
  3. Great conversation starter

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I personally wear a silicone wedding ring to protect my hands (wood working, climbing, DIY products). I've actually had one break away when it hooked on a screw. They're great for people who use their hands a lot.

The pro football styling is such a great conversation starter. You're hands are out in front of you all the time and people notice the logo and color nearly instantly. 


  • Wear if you are handy, outdoorsman, athlete, etc.
  • Make sure your wife knows her band isn't getting replaced but "protected"
  • The black version is pretty cool - consider it
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