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Waterproof Survival Backpack 40L Dry Bag

OK so admitedly this one might not be for everyone but it's been on my wishlist for a LONG time. Now it's true that I'm "that guy" who carries a pocket thermal imaging unit in my bag "just in case" I admit I like things that hyper durable and versatile. It took me MONTHS to find this beauty. There are very few that are even close to the same fature set and his one is by far the best rated. Yes, I know I have some weird needs, I probably have major issues as well. 

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I spend a ton of time outdoors, including during rain or snow seasons. Packing the Drakon waterproof survival bag has been essential on some of my outings. It works great on kayaking trips as well.

It's large, has a lot of storage, and it can be submerged without my gear getting wet. I'm guaranteed to have dry clothes at the end of a lot of time in the water.

The MOLE storage comes in handy too.


  • Use as a bugout or survival bag
  • Use for kayaking or other on-water activities
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