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20 03 27 14 04 08 original 600x600 winch

Winch - Warn 3500lb

Getting stuck is never fun, especially when you're far from home. The Warn 3500lb winch is plenty of power for most ATVs and many autos. We consider a winch a must have for exploration outings, ranches, and other ATV settings.

What we love:

  1. 3500 lb is plenty of power for most ATVs
  2. Warn is known for its power and durability

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Last Spring we attempted an ATV trek in the high mountains. The morning driving was great. However, as it got warmer and warmer we found the same trails we had already been on became impassible because the snow was too soft. We only got home because of the winches we had on the ATVs. A must have for ATV outings.

Warn is a trusted brand. We've researched a number of options but warn seems to come out on top every time. They are a bit pricey but when you're stranded, you'll appreciate quality and power.


  • research the difference between cable and rope lines
  • make sure you have enough power for the size of your vehicle
  • have the winch professionally mounted unless you know what you're doing
  • follow the safety guidelines carefully - an accident could really hurt someone
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