19 11 01 15 15 14 original 600x600 sawyer water filters
19 11 01 15 15 14 original 600x600 sawyer water filters

Sawyer Water Filtration System

We carry one of these in the car, in our day pack, and in our emergency gear. It's surprised me how many times I've used it when my packed water runs out. 

What we love:

  1. Compact - fits in a pocket or any pack
  2. Functional - we've used ours a dozen times and the water tastes pure every time
  3. Squeeze bag - while you can use the straw and suck straight from the source, we use the squeeze bag instead
  4. Great emergency item

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We were out with our Scout troop on an overnight backpacking trip. They played night games for hours. By bedtime all of their packed water was gone. They started to boil water but it took forever. I pulled the water filter out and we filled their containers in minutes with pure, cold stream water. It was a great lesson learning moment.

I've run out of pack water a number of times while in the outdoors. This filter has saved me every time. We carry them in our emergency gear as well as our day packs. 


  • use the pouch instead of the straw
  • get multiple if you go out - never want to leave the only one behind
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